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The Physics of Spirit

Date Thursday - February 13, 2003
Host George Noory
Guests Fred Alan Wolf

"Listen to the one mind or wave. Matter dances to that wave," and the way matter bounces off the wave creates various kinds of consciousness, said physicist/author Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, the guest on Thursday night's program. But "consciousness is not something that can be multiplied, it's all one," Wolf continued.

Addressing a wide swath of topics from the human mind to the expanding universe, Wolf even speculated on what life might be like in the far distant future. Included in his vision were: language used as an art form, the teleportation of people and the use of vacuum energies. Wolf believes time travel may already be here, citing evidence of boot prints seen in rocks that are millions of years old. He suggested that an easy method of time travel could be through lucid dreaming, where a person could wake up in the past or future.

"We could be seeing into parallel universes or alternate realities that bleed into ours," Wolf said when asked about the appearance of ghosts or apparitions. Conducting another of his mass consciousness exercises, Wolf walked the audience through a guided meditation using the imagery of water and a vibrating tone of peace, harmony and goodwill.

The Power of Feeling

"Feeling goes beyond the senses and can be imagined as the fundamental awareness out of which all of the other senses develop," Dr. Fred Alan Wolf writes in his new book, Matter Into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit. Wolf returns to Coast tonight on the heels of his January appearance on the show where he and George facilitated an exercise in mass consciousness regarding the situation with Iraq.

In Matter into Feeling, Wolf puts forth the notion of "Adam Kadmon," an archetypal human, who unlike the Adam of the Bible is capable of evolving into something greater. "The Adam of the Book of Genesis seems almost an automaton…except for the feeling of shame…Adam Kadmon, on the other hand, is capable of feeling deeply all of the transformational possibilities imbedded within him," Wolf writes. His book is divided into nine mental/material movements that can serve as a guide to creating transformations in one's life.

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