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Giants and Fallen Angels

Date Tuesday - April 22, 2003
Host George Noory
Guests Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle said he's on "a quest to find out (the) real history," when he appeared on Tuesday night's show. A bioterrorism expert, Quayle has also spent thirty years investigating arcane texts like the Book of Enoch to uncover the lost past of giants and fallen angels.

He said that evidence for giants such as complete skeletons has been shunted away over the years in obscure locations, like the remains of a 9-ft red-haired giant he claimed was in a museum in Lovelock, Nevada. Quayle also mentioned a mummified body which was 12 ft. tall that's in a museum in South Africa. He added that some giants' heads were 4 to 6 times larger than a human head and had protruding jaws containing two sets of teeth with two complete chewing surfaces.

Quayle believes these giants were sired by fallen angels, who became "fallen" after they mated with human females. Fallen angels according to Quayle, had bodies but they could change form as opposed to demons which he described as being disembodied spirits. It is these spirits that Quayle places behind the modern Alien Abduction phenomena. He thinks the aliens are on a malevolent mission to create genetically altered "transhumans," and this will be investigated in his forthcoming book, Genetic Armageddon: Today's Technology Tomorrow's Monsters.

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