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Energy, Transformation & 2012

Date Tuesday - August 17, 2004
Host George Noory
Guests David WilcockGerges Scott

Intuitive consultant David Wilcock, who believes he may be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, returned to the show to discuss his life, and energetic changes that he sees coming to our planet and the solar system in 2012 and beyond.

He commented on the recent Silbury Hill crop circle, saying the intelligence behind it, is calling our attention to the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Around this time our planet will have a "mass spontaneous evolution," as part of a 26-million year solar system cycle, he said. Children will be born with changed DNA, and they will eventually have larger eyes, bald heads and slimmer bodies (as in the time traveling 'ETs' who are from our future) he explained.

In fact, Wilcock believes there are already 100 million "wanderers" (people born with ET souls) on our planet, and he shared author Scott Mandelker's ET Quiz to help listeners determine if they might be such a being. For more on Wilcock's theory of interplanetary transformations you can view images or read an article he co-wrote with Richard C. Hoagland. He also recommended llresearch.org for its material on the "Law of One" teachings and aetherometry.com for its presentation on new energy.

Roswell Witness

At the beginning of Tuesday's show, Gerges Scott, executive producer for KRQE News in Albuquerque appeared briefly to discuss a new Roswell witness that has come forward. An elderly woman has described an object she saw 15 miles east of Corona, NM in July 1947 that was clearly not a weather balloon, he detailed.

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