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Alternative Transportation

Date Wednesday - September 29, 2004
Host George Noory
Guests Bill Moore

EV Worlds publisher and editor, Bill Moore, shared his views on alternative sustainable transportation and our current dependence on foreign oil. He cited a recent report by the Rocky Mountain Institute that feared that the US military was turning into a "global oil protection service." Interestingly, he noted that the report was actually commissioned by the Pentagon.

10,000 gallons of gasoline are used every second in the U.S., "so you can see the magnitude of the problem," said Moore. There are a variety of alternatives, "some evolutionary, some revolutionary," he continued. One type of automobile technology he recommended was that of "plug-in hybrids" which can run on both electricity and liquid fuel such as ethanol. Studies have shown that the typical amount of driving done in one day is about 24 miles, which an electric car can handle without recharging. For longer trips, the vehicle's engine that runs on liquid fuel can be used, he noted.

Moore also discussed the success of Europe's application of clean low sulfur diesel fuel, which auto companies have built engines to run on. He also praised the increasing usage of photovoltaic cells, which are powered by the sun and can provide electricity to the home and car.

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