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Anti-Aging Advances

Date Thursday - November 4, 2004
Host George Noory
Guests Dr. Ronald Klatz

Dr. Ronald Klatz, founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, said that with new technological advances, 50% of the Baby Boomers alive today may live up to 100 years old and beyond. The ability to live longer may come from a mix of such fields as robotics, AI, nanotechnology, cloning and stem cell research. Longevity in human beings has already increased dramatically in the last one hundred years, Klatz pointed out.

"We are on the cusp of some amazing breakthroughs," he said.Stem cells are being used to repair the immune system and damaged organs and have also been found as an effective cancer therapy. The cells can be converted into various lines in the laboratory without having to use live embryos, he added.

The practice of cloning is also moving ahead, with the ability to grow organs outside of the body, now becoming a reality. This could eventually aid the elderly in being able to look younger, as they could grow healthy young skin and a new head of hair, he commented.

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