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Vulcan, Comets & Aliens

Date Friday - November 19, 2004
Host George Noory
Guests Dr. Barry WarmkesselOpen Lines

Physicist Dr. Barry Warmkessel discussed alien technology, Noah's Ark, and a dark star called Vulcan. Warmkessel believes Vulcan is the companion star to our Sun, and periodically triggers comets from the Kuiper Belt to fall towards Earth.

He said the perturbed comets form large clusters or swarms, occasionally passing near Earth's orbit, sometimes striking the planet with catastrophic consequences. Warmkessel theorized that Venus' climate and surface were transformed by a disastrous cometary impact, and the same thing could happen to Earth. According to him, the next big comet strike will hit Canada in the year 2044 and set off the Yellowstone super-volcano.

Warmkessel also discussed Noah's Ark and the Great Flood, which he thinks may have been caused by a comet swarm impacting Earth. He said Noah's Ark "appears to be of alien origin," speculating that the 24,000 ton vessel was too large and well-engineered for humans of the time to have built. Warmkessel believes an alien race of amphibious worm creatures, the Nommos, not only aided in the construction of Noah's Ark, but also resided with Noah and his family on the third deck of the Ark during the flood.

Intuitive Stories

During the last two hours of Friday's show, George opened an "Intuitive Story" hotline for people who have been moved by a mysterious extra sense. Several callers (and some Coast staff) reported seeing themselves in car accidents just before they happened. One trucker said she was driving through New Mexico and felt an immediate need to slow down. Shortly after reducing speed, she passed by a horrific truck accident.

Another caller, Randy, recounted an event he experienced during the Vietnam War in 1969. According to him, he was compelled to take cover in a bunker just before a mortar attack tore through the building he was in.

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Plaza de Toros UFO

A Coast listener videotaped a UFO during the 75th Anniversary of the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. Here is part of the video he took that day, and his comments...

Watch the video: Win

"While attending the 75th Anniversary of the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City and knowing that the Plaza is near the airport, I was watching airplanes descend and helicopters buzz by waiting for the afternoon fiesta to begin. I then noticed an odd looking object in the sky. At first I thought it was a balloon, then a faraway airplane but realized it was neither a plane nor a helicopter or balloon but a UFO. My son, my aunt and I were able to watch the object for about five minutes as it passed over the Plaza. It was hard to keep in sight and in focus as I was trying to zoom in on it. The travel was smooth it is I that is doing all the shaking. I have seen on video the UFOs that have been caught on tape in Mexico since the early 1990s. This UFO is just another that has been caught on tape."

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Bumper music from Friday November 19, 2004

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