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Amazing Open Lines

Date Sunday - February 6, 2005
Host Art Bell
Guests Open Lines

Art Bell presented a lively evening of Open Lines, in which some of the callers were pre-selected because of their earlier emails to him. One such participant, a woman named Kate, told of her encounters with "Roger," a geneticist she worked with at China Lake Naval Base in 1977. Bizarre animals were found in the nearby desert, she said, such as a rabbit with a second head growing out of its neck, which seemed to be related to experimentation at the base.

A retired fireman, Gene, explained that he'd often seen disembodied spirits that had left the body of persons in emergency or rescue situations, though they appeared solid rather than as apparitions. Laura told a riveting tale of how a car on a collision course with them "passed through" their vehicle, and there was no injury.

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kimberly shared a tale of a 30-ft. round hole on their property that had unusual properties. Receiving a number of responses was Art's special "Let's Make a Deal" line for people who had made a pact with the devil. And the notorious caller known as J.C. got through towards the end of the show to spew, among other things, that pornographers were going to hell "in a boiling pit of sewage."

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