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Hybrid Hotline & Morty Mantis

Date Friday - June 10, 2005
Host George Noory
Guests Open LinesWilliam Louis McDonald

Open Lines featured a "alien hybrid hotline" for people who believe they are a mixture of both human and alien DNA. Roy from Ohio claims his ancestors were a space-faring race that arrived on Earth nearly a million years ago. He described his alien forefathers as scientists who traveled the universe, cataloging countless humanoid races and exploring more than 10,000 advanced civilizations capable of intergalactic travel.

Larry from Texas shared a story about a piano playing praying mantis he once saw perform at a roadside circus. He said the mantis, named Morty, played "beautiful music" on a miniature piano, including a selection by Elton John. Larry was told by the insect's owner, Bill Freece, that Morty was more than 20 years old. At the top of the 2nd hour, Patrick Cooke shared brief thoughts on Prophet Yahweh. While Cooke does not discount the prophet's ability to summon UFOs, he did raise concerns about the prophet's agenda, which he said involves ruling the world. Read more here.

Also during Friday's show, Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission phoned in to announce he would be broadcasting from a "secret location" when NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft crashes into Comet Tempel 1 on July 4.

Alien-Human Hybrids

In the first hour, artist and researcher Bill McDonald discussed alien-human hybrids. McDonald believes "hybridization is a real process" that is essential for the survival of a dying race of aliens called 'the Grays.' These alien beings appear to be mammalian, he explained, and exist in a hive-like societal structure similar to insects.

According to McDonald, the Grays' advanced technology depends on producing new generations to operate it; however, they are unable to reproduce because of a degradation in their alien male y-chromosomes. McDonald said humans are being "ranched" by the aliens to create a species that can inherit their technology, so that it doesn't languish in an "artificial intelligence purgatory."

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Bumper Music

Bumper music from Friday June 10, 2005

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