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Science & the Paranormal

Date Sunday - June 12, 2005
Host Art Bell
Guests Dr. Claude Swanson

MIT and Princeton trained physicist Dr. Claude Swanson shared his view that the present scientific paradigm doesn't take into account evidence for the paranormal. He said he spent many years researching the field, including using himself as a subject in such areas as firewalking, remote viewing and healing. Discussing the ability of firewalking, he suggested that subtle energy builds up to a certain level as it couples in the mind, and the "laws of electromagnetism start to become altered." This could change a person's frequency and allow them to tap into different realities.

In his studies of Hopi prophecy and their timeline, Swanson found Western man was depicted with their head and body separate, indicating they were cut off from their spirituality. He believes that scientific exploration of the paranormal encourages spirituality to be introduced to Western culture. If we don't reconnect with spirit, Hopi prophecy indicates a catastrophe is coming within the next decade, he said.

Swanson also shared his research into ghostly phenomena. Orbs, which he said can sometimes be seen with the naked eye by using a bright camera flash, may represent dead souls or energy emanations from a person having an OBE. He also discussed energy healers and said he's been particularly impressed with accounts he's heard about John of God from Brazil, who was written about in the book The Miracle Man. Art shared that one of his sisters moved to Brazil to "be near John of God." For more, view graphics that Swanson sent in.

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