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Dimensions & Cosmology

Date Monday - October 24, 2005
Host George Noory
Guests Lawrence M. KraussBen Livingston

Prof. Lawrence Krauss discussed dimensions cosmology, and science. Currently there is no empirical evidence for dimensions beyond our own, yet he speculated there could be hidden dimensions where the laws of physics are completely different. Gravity might leak off into another dimension, which could explain why its effect is so weak, he added.

Upcoming experiments with new particle accelerators might yield definitive signs for such extra dimensions, said Krauss. However, String Theory, which posits an 11-dimensional universe, while highly touted, has yet to yield any measurable explanations about the universe, he stated. Intriguingly, Krauss pondered a potential interaction between universes-- that could be like two brains coming together.

Likely scientific advancements in the decades ahead, include creating life in the lab from scratch, AI & computers becoming self-aware, and the merging of biology & computers. Such developments, Krauss noted, will change the very conceptions of what we mean by life.

Hurricane Modification

First half-hour guest, cloud physicist Ben Livingston of Weather Modification, Inc. discussed hurricane manipulation technology which the government was involved in 40 years ago. If such research had continued, we'd now be able to achieve 30-40% of wind blockage, he estimated. However the government ceased such experimentation years ago, possibly due to concerns over liability, Livingston said. For more, see this related article.

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