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Predictions for 2006 - Part I

Date Friday - December 30, 2005
Host Art Bell
Guests Open Lines

Art Bell hosted the first of two shows featuring Predictions for 2006 as made by callers. Art dutifully recorded their forecasts and also reviewed some predictions from last year. Here's what Coast listeners believe will happen in the coming year:

  • A powerful hurricane will hit the United States in August 2006 that will make "Katrina look like a baby throwing a tantrum," according to David in Arizona.
  • The world will learn that Bono is actually the Anti-Christ; the Son of God will be revealed.
  • An earthquake will separate Southern California (San Diego area) from the rest of the state.
  • North Korea will collapse and China will take over, divined Bill from Oklahoma.
  • A huge explosion will rock Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado; Mount Rainier will explode.
  • Rev. John said World War III will be underway by July 2006.
  • A lost city will be uncovered by a hurricane somewhere in Central America.
  • Canadians will sabotage their U.S. food exports with harmful nanotechnology.
  • Fidel Castro will pass away and Cuba will become the new Las Vegas.
  • President George W. Bush will resign under threat of impeachment.
  • An electro-magnetic disturbance will cause the skies to turn brown; alien spaceships visiting our planet will crash in populated areas.

Predictions of a major terrorist attack on the U.S. and Canada, a new energy find, the resignation of Vice President Dick Cheney, Bigfoot's discovery, national ID cards, and a cure for Parkinson's disease were among the 'bonks' from last year's show. The death of Johnny Carson, increased solar flare activity, and the deployment of tens of thousands of troops to Iraq were some predictions from 2005 that Art declared as accurate.

Coast Memories 2005- Part 1

Tonight, we present the first half of some of the responses we received in our call for listeners to share their favorite Coast to Coast moment, dialogue exchange or revelation from 2005.

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