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Crop Circles & Remote Viewing

Date Tuesday - April 25, 2006
Host George Noory
Guests Simeon Hein

Dr. Simeon Hein, the director of the Institute for Resonance, returned to discuss his study of subtle-energy sciences including remote viewing and crop circles. He believes the origin of circular crop formations can be either extraterrestrial or man-made, but both types represent a "larger pattern of communication" between humanity and ETs. In the case of manmade crop circles, he commented that ETs may be influencing the circlemakers in their designs.

The symmetry of both types of circles creates a "resonance technology" which may account for some of the unusual effects found at the sites, which include bent stalks and exploded nodes, he detailed. The circular shapes, he theorized, might become like "photonic crystals" when combined with sunlight and elicit "coherent disturbance effects."

Remote viewing teaches you how to pick up subconscious information and allows more access to intuition, said Hein. He shared a session from a number of years ago when he "bilocated" while viewing the destruction of the dinosaurs, and experienced vivid impressions of the Earth, as though he was actually there. The world transformed from a blue-skied paradise into a cold, grey, dust-covered realm-- suggesting to him that a cataclysmic event caused rapid global cooling. Hein also discussed his remote viewing of Mars' Cydonia region, which he saw inhabited by an advanced humanoid civilization, that lived and worked underground there, millions of years ago.

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