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Insights from Spirit

Date Tuesday - November 28, 2006
Host George Noory
Guests Hans King

Acclaimed direct voice medium Hans King returned for an evening of spiritual insights. "Psychics perceive, mediums receive," he explained, noting that he gleans information from his spirit guides as well as the deceased who often have messages for the living. King said he began giving readings at age 12, and has now done thousands of them in the last 50 years.On the other side, we have far more friends than we do here, as spirits from our past lives are there, and we have instant recognition of them, he stated.

The law of attraction, such as espoused in the DVD The Secret, dictates that energy follows thought, King noted. You see what you look for, and what you put out is returned to you, he added.
King, who is decidedly not a "doom & gloomer," shared a predictive look at our future. While global warming and the rising of the oceans are a reality he does not believe such changes will kill off humankind. 2012 won't bring the end of the world, or anything of particular significance. As far as the 2008 election, he sees both parties moving towards the center, and two strong dark horse candidates could compete with Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani.

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