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Alien Abduction Cases

Date Wednesday - February 28, 2007
Host George Noory
Guests Joe Montaldo

National Director of the International Community for Alien Research, Joe Montaldo discussed commonalities found in alien abduction reports, the Betty & Barney Hill case, and the Shag Harbour UFO incident. Abductees are examined by aliens (the Grays) beginning at a very early age (sometimes while still in the womb!) and undergo varying procedures at different stages in their lives, he detailed. When an abductee reaches a certain "plateau", typically between the ages of 30 and 50, they can become "keepers," working in tandem with the aliens on their experiments, said Montaldo.

The Grays have a bluish cast to their bodies and wear a shield over their eyes-- their eyes are actually about 1 ½ times the size of humans, he reported, adding that the "skin" of their ships is alive in a sense and can change shape based on movements. The Shag Harbour incident involving a UFO that crashed underwater in 1967 in Nova Scotia is a solid case and witness information is still emerging, Montaldo noted, citing the testimony of a diver who saw a Gray swimming underwater near one of the craft.

The 1961 Betty & Barney Hill abduction case may actually have been a military operation, based on the kind of technology they described, Montaldo commented. He also shared reports from New Orleans of a 7-ft. tall Reptilian creature seen walking in waist-deep water several days after Katrina hit.

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