Crystal Skulls / Bed Bugs & Ancient Discovery

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Crystal Skulls / Bed Bugs & Ancient Discovery


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    In the first half of the show, astrologer and dowser Cece Stevens talked about the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference, which she organized. Numerous speakers, many bringing crystal skulls with them, will be at the conference, she said. Crystal skulls can be as small as the size of a thumb or as large as 350 lbs.-- but it's the energy vibration of the skull that's important, not its size, she noted.

    JoAnn Park's skull MAX is know for healing powers, while Cece's skull, BOB, is said to grant wishes. "He has literally granted every wish that anyone's put on him," she claimed. Stevens also talked about her work with dowsing and remote viewing, and her efforts to help law enforcement solve crimes. When a caller asked if she had any insights in the recent case of a missing Washington state college student, Stevens said that she believes he is still alive and has not met with foul play.


    In the latter half of the show, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the invasion of DDT-resistant super bed bugs in America, and the discovery of 12,000 year old circles of limestone columns found in Turkey. The new breed of bed bugs are resistant to most insecticides, and have infiltrated hotels, apartments and homes from New York and Pennsylvania to Ohio, throughout North America, and around the world, she reported. Only one insecticide, Propoxur, has proven effective in killing the bugs, but the EPA says it's dangerous to children. In an interview with Entomology Professor Dini Miller, she noted that on the positive side, bed bugs don't transmit diseases, and heat chamber technology has been a successful (if expensive) method for eradicating the insects. More here.

    Has a smoking gun been discovered that pushes sophisticated human civilization back to at least 12,000 years ago? At a site in in southeastern Turkey called Gobekli Tepe, circles of limestone columns weighing from 7 to 15 tons have been excavated, and there may be at least 250 more standing stones in 18 still-buried circles. The columns, which have been carbon-dated to 12,000 years ago, feature finely etched reliefs and sculptures depicting animals, humans, and other figures. Linda spoke with John Anthony West, who along with Robert Schoch, visited the site in May. This discovery lends credence to their theory that Egypt's Sphinx is actually far older than most archaeologists suggest. View the complete interview with West, and photos of the columns. Linda also touched on findings from a Brazil conference on the science and symbols of worldwide crop formations.

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