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Spiritualism, UFOs, & Men in Black

Date Wednesday - August 18, 2010
Host George Noory
Guests Timothy Green BeckleyDaniel Estulin

Involved with UFOs and the paranormal from an early age, Timothy Green Beckley, discussed the connection between spiritualist phenomena and UFOs, as well as stories of visitations from Men in Black. He also spoke about his friendship with Uri Geller, and shared accounts of Geller's paranormal abilities such as key bending, and the altering of jewelry, just by waving his hand over these objects. On one occasion, Geller heard something pelting his roof and saw coins falling from the sky, Beckley detailed.

While Harry Houdini had been a skeptic of the spiritualism movement, a number of seances were held, for 10 years after his death in 1926, to try and make contact with him. An audio excerpt from one of these seances was played on the air, although Beckley noted that Houdini never responded during the seances. Levitation and teleportation, sometimes seen in seances, are also reported in UFO cases, which has led Beckley to conclude these phenomena stem from the same source, and that UFOs hail from other dimensions rather than from extraterrestrial locations (see article below for more).

Men in Black (MIBs) have been associated with the harassing or questioning of UFO witnesses, typically telling them not to report what they saw, said Beckley. He described them as looking like FBI or Secret Service agents, sometimes wearing a wide brimmed hat and dark sunglasses. Some of them appear not to be human and may have almond-shaped eyes, waxy lips, and be oddly dressed. Their visitations can be connected with mechanical phone calls, and the appearance of black helicopters, he added. "I think from all I've been able to see, the MIBs are zombies-- they're under somebody else's control;" they're like the waxy apparitions that appear in seances, he suggested.

Castro Studies Bilderberg Book

First hour guest, journalist Daniel Estulin reacted to a story that Fidel Castro is fascinated by his book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. "Obviously, Fidel Castro is using the information in my book to his own personal advantage," he said, explaining that his expose of the Bilderbergers paints the West in a negative light, with its depiction of corporations and the financial elite controlling the populace. Castro has requested to meet personally with Estulin, and he is planning to take him up on his offer.

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Beckley Images: Phenomena & Duos

Beckley Images: Phenomena & Duos Beckley Images: Phenomena & Duos

Timothy Green Beckley has sent us images to accompany his presentation. In the first image (left), he writes that "strange orbs, shafts of light and illuminated forms have long been observed in the seance room for decades, while today such phenomena has become associated with the appearance of UFOs and their occupants." Beckley theorizes that they could be one and the same!

Of the image on the right: "In the seance room a filmy white substance dubbed ectoplasm would emanate from the mouth, nose or ears of the medium to form a spirit being, while a similar substance known as angel hair has been seen to drift down from the sky during or following a UFO sighting. Could these strange substances, which almost always vanish in the blink of an eye, somehow be related and do they perhaps act as a conduit or means of conveying something from one dimension or realm to another normally invisible to our senses?"

The second set of images shows Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -- creator of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes -- and Harry Houdini meeting. Eventually they became bitter rivals over the legitimacy of spiritualism and psychic phenomena. Also pictured is world class spoon bender Uri Geller on a 1974 visit (which Beckley attended) with Muhammad Ali at the champs Deer Lake, PA training camp.

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