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Serial Killers

Date Monday - February 28, 2011
Host George Noory
Guests Tom PhilbinRichard Rives

Author and long-time expert in crime and serial killers, Tom Philbin (book link), discussed what goes through the dark minds of people who kill, and kill again, and he revealed the common denominators they share in spite of diverse backgrounds. When serial killers are children they typically show a constellation of behaviors-- setting fires, abusing small animals, and wetting the bed after age 12, he detailed. Many who grow up to be serial murderers were victims of abuse themselves, particularly by a cruel mother, who devalued their existence, he continued.

They deal with the terror of their childhoods by pushing it into their subconscious, but the feelings and anger remain, and as they grow up they seek control and power over others, and begin killing by age 20, Philbin further explained. He noted that a number of Ted Bundy's victims were brunettes with the same parted hairstyle as his mother. The FBI estimates there about 70 serial killers in the United States, but they are hard to detect. Even though they are sociopaths, they don't have a particular look or outward behavior that makes them suspect.

A number of serial killers eventually seem to want to be caught, he suggested, as they draw attention to themselves or leave evidence in easy to find places-- such as John Wayne Gacy burying victims in his backyard, and Dennis Rader contacting law enforcement via the computer. Philbin offered analysis of a variety of killers, including Bundy, Ed Gein, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, Henry Lee Lucas, Michael Swango, and Albert Fish.

Noah's Ark Search

First hour guest, researcher Richard Rives shared updates on the search for Noah's Ark. He commented on the disappearance of Donald Mackenzie who vanished while searching for the Ark in Turkey back in September, and recounted Ron Wyatt's travels to study a "boat-shaped object" on Mount Ararat.

News segment guest: Steve Shenk

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