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Rock Music & 1970

Date Sunday - June 26, 2011
Host George Knapp
Guests David BrowneMajor Ed Dames

Many people point to 1969 as being a pivotal year for change. But Rolling Stone writer David Browne is more convinced that 1970 is the true culprit to the end of peace and love. He joined George Knapp to look at how 1970 changed the world through the stories of four rock and roll bands/musical artists-- The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY), Simon & Garfunkel, and James Taylor. The year 1970 saw a number of pivotal events like Kent State, when four student protestors were shot and killed by the National Guard.

1970 was also the year that both Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died, and the Beatles, CSNY, and Simon & Garfunkel all broke up, Browne noted. He recounted the events leading up to the Beatles disbanding: They had just recorded Let it Be, and McCartney and Lennon were in disagreement over who should manage their business affairs. Then McCartney sent out a press release about his upcoming solo record, which was in conflict with the release date for Let it Be. McCartney's record was delayed, angering him, and setting off a chain of repercussions that led to the break-up at the end of 1970.

Simon & Garfunkel (whom a record exec. said had a name that sounded like either a comedy act or a department store) were at the height of their popularity with their hit song Bridge Over Troubled Water, when they decided to call it quits, said Browne. The super group CSNY had a lot of tensions, as well as conflicts between Stephen Stills and Neil Young, though you would never know it from the mellow sound of their last record, Deju Vu, Browne commented. And James Taylor, he noted, gradually became a sensation in 1970, as his song Fire and Rain turned into a huge hit with fans seeking a more introspective sound.

Carnes Remote Viewed

First hour guest, remote viewing teacher Maj. Ed Dames announced that he'd remote viewed the location of missing person Patrick Carnes (the case was featured on the C2C 6/24/11 show), and that his remains were likely located 23 miles east of Winnemucca, NV (map provided below). Dames also said he was working with law enforcement on several other missing person cases.

News segment guest: Scott Portzline

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Missing: Patrick F. Carnes

Missing: Patrick F. Carnes Missing: Patrick F. Carnes

Patrick F. Carnes was driving with his lifelong companion, Lucky, traveling west on interstate from Ohio to Reno. His vehicle was found in good condition 20 miles east of Winnemucca, Nevada, on Thursday, April 14 2011... More ยป

Ed Dames has shared a map with us. He writes: "It is the location (tentative) where I will initiate my search, next week, for the body of Patrick F. Carnes." Click on image to view larger.

Knapp's News 6/26/11

Knapp's News 6/26/11

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Bumper music from Sunday June 26, 2011

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