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Mothman Experiences

Date Sunday - August 21, 2011
Host George Knapp
Guests Andrew B. ColvinTim Binnall

Writer and artist Andy Colvin joined George Knapp to discuss his real experiences with the mysterious Mothman, dating back to his youth in West Virginia. His investigations were triggered after the 9-11 attacks, when he recalled that he and a childhood friend in 1967 received visions from the Mothman of an attack in New York in 2001, with buildings exploding. Interestingly, people also reported precognitive visions of the Silver Bridge collapse before it occurred in December, 1967 (the collapse had been linked to Mothman's visitations in the Point Pleasant area by researcher John Keel). Colvin also said his sister photographed a red-eyed creature at the window that resembled Mothman or a Thunderbird.

Connecting Mothman to ancient lore of huge birdmen such as the Garuda (Hindu/Buddhist) and the Native American's Thunderbird, the entity has functioned as both a cosmic harbinger, and a mirror of people's fears and expectations, when they are at a crossroads in their life, he suggested. He is "an ancient entity that appears over areas that once had Indian mounds," such as where chemical plants have been built, and "I think Mothman is fulfilling a role of sorts-- trying to warn us about pollution," Colvin continued.

Putting together odd sets of synchroncities, and witness interviews, Colvin has come to believe that Mothman encounters have affected people in profound ways. In 2002, he returned to a West Virginia location with family members who had all seen Mothman. "Instantly, this strange thing started happening. The temperature changed, the birds stopped chirping. We saw three cloudy mists...it was like we were standing in front of a mirror," he said, adding that there was also a dark being that was flitting by, which he suspects was Mothman. Later that night, he had a vision of a drowning, and several days later they drove by the area again and saw someone being pulled out of the river.

Exeter UFO Fest

In the first hour, writer and podcast host Tim Binnall talked about the upcoming Exeter UFO Festival (9/3, free admission) in New Hampshire, which he'll be hosting. He also commented on ufology, and the recent passing of Budd Hopkins, whose original research into the alien abduction syndrome was highly influential.

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