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Cathie, UFOs, & Coral Castle

Date Wednesday - February 15, 2012
Host George Noory
Guests Joe BullardAlan Collinge

Researcher and investigator Joe Bullard discussed the work of Capt. Bruce Cathie, a retired New Zealand airline pilot, who after witnessing UFOs, developed a theory of a harmonic grid system circling the Earth. Bullard also spoke about the mysterious Coral Castle in Florida, and how Ed Leedskalnin's construction of it relates to Cathie's theories. Cathie was one of the first to associate UFOs with the idea of anti-gravity, and believed that these craft were not coming from distant planets but have always been here. The grid Cathie postulated is like an invisible line of energy that craft align with and can use as an energy/propulsion source, Bullard explained.

The grid is sustained by devices planted in the earth and the oceans, Cathie hypothesized. Further, he was able to predict where future UFO sightings would take place based on his knowledge of the grid, Bullard detailed. Cathie offered an explanation for a missing plane off the coast of Florida in 1945, suggesting that they flew through a magnetic line that caused a kind of time warp. Cathie also investigated ancient stone discs found in a Chinese cave, which could relate to an alien visitation. Capt. Cathie, now 83, was reached for a short interview in the last hour, and described one of his UFO sightings.

Bullard suggested that Leedskalnin was aware of the energy grid and was in tune with its forces when he moved Coral Castle to its second location. Witnesses also described Leedskalnin using anti-gravity techniques to float stones over the Castle, he recounted.

Student Loan Problems

First hour guest, founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org, Alan Collinge, talked about a report that student loans are draining parents' retirement accounts, and how the lifetime default rate on the loans is greater than 1 in 3. He argued that student loans should have standard bankruptcy protection, and this would actually help keep tuition inflation down.

News segment guests: Ryan Mauro, Dr. John Neustadt

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Coral Castle Crescent Moons
Coral Castle Crescent Moons
A few years ago I visited a friend in South Florida and stopped by Coral Castle on my way home. I live in St. Petersburg and have been back 1 more time to see this interesting place. --Connie

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'Spaceman' Rock Painting

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