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Bigfoot Research / Open Lines

Date Friday - July 27, 2012
Host George Noory
Guests Rhettman MullisOpen Lines

In the first half, Bigfoot researcher Rhettman Mullis shared his latest findings on the mysterious creature. He was excited to report on a recent meeting with Dr. Ed Fusch, an anthropologist who has studied the Bigfoot stories of the Colville Tribal area in northeast Washington. During their meeting Mullis said he learned more about a hybrid named Patrick—the supposed offspring of an Indian mother and Bigfoot father born near the turn of the 20th century. Patrick's body structure and appearance were markedly different from that of other Indians, Mullis explained, noting that he had extremely long arms with large hands and fingers, a sloping forehead and dominant brow, a very large lower jaw, and a wide mouth filled with straight protruding teeth. Mullis expressed his desire to run DNA tests on Patrick's two surviving daughters, both of whom are said to possess similar features.

Mullis spoke about visiting a site on the Colville Indian Reservation known for Bigfoot traffic and marked by a 9-ft statue of the creature. Nearby Mullis said he and his wife found copious amounts of coarse brown hair caught on a wire fence. The hair sample is scheduled to be sent and tested by geneticist and former Coast guest Dr. Bryan Sykes, he noted. Mullis also mentioned his 1997 sighting, when he personally witnessed a Bigfoot washing herself in a quarry pond in the Maysville area of Western Washington. After studying Bigfoot and having had his own personal encounters, Mullis believes "these are not just regular apes." DNA testing will reveal what these creatures actually are and finally give them a rightful place in biology textbooks, he said.


During Open Lines, Paul from Winchester, Virginia, told George about a discovery he made while working at Wright-Patterson AFB in the late 1980s. According to Paul, he was in a large two-story building that housed the Foreign Technology Division when he stumbled upon blueprint plans that showed the structure had a secret basement room measuring 50'x70' and labeled a cryogenic chamber. The room may hold cadavers from the Roswell crash, Paul suggested. Eddie in Everett, Washington, claimed to have had a Bigfoot crash through the roof of a house he shared with a roommate in Florida. Roofers estimated that it would have taken at least 600 pounds of force to smash through and snap several 2x4s, he noted. My roommate reported hearing a "shrill scream" accompany the crash, Eddie said, adding that there were seven Bigfoot sightings that night within a 28-mile radius. Linda from Richmond, Virginia, talked about a creepy experience she had in her off-post apartment while stationed in Germany. For several weeks I was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of a screaming baby, she said, noting how the noise originated in her apartment. It finally stopped after Linda informed the unseen infant that she could not help it.


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