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Hopi Legends & Prophecy

Date Wednesday - November 14, 2012
Host George Noory
Guests Gary A. DavidTony Burroughs

Archeo-astronomer and independent researcher on the American Southwest, Gary A. David, talked about legends and prophecies of the Hopi. Descendants of ancient Pueblo Peoples who constructed large housing complexes in Arizona and New Mexico, the Hopi combined spirituality, mythology, and ritual practice along with keen astronomical observations. Based on his studies, David has concluded that the Hopi mirrored the positioning of the Orion constellation in the pattern and location of their villages (see graphics below).

A Hopi god named Masau'u was said to direct their migrations, and tell them where to build their pueblos. Masau'u was considered both the god of the Underworld, and the earthly plane, and somewhat similar to the Egyptian resurrection god Osiris, though he was described as having a rather alien appearance, David detailed. The Hopi also speak of the Ant People, who according to legend, rescued their tribe during two major cataclysms, bringing them down into underground caverns during massive flooding. Interestingly, he noted that in a kiva (Hopi underground prayer chamber), a wall mural depicts a creature that looks like Mothman.

He also cited Hopi lore of "flying shields," which resemble descriptions of modern flying saucers, and were said to be piloted by Sky gods or Kachinas. David explained that Hopi prophecy views our current time as being close to the end of the 4th World, and how a number of Hopi 'end time' visions may have already come to pass. While the 4th World ends in catastrophe, particularly for America, a 5th World will arise, and continue the cycle, he said. David also shared the story of a purported Lost City in the Grand Canyon, which contained anomalous artifacts. A 1909 article that ran in the Arizona Gazette reported that the discovery was made by G.E. Kincaid, working for the Smithsonian.

Intention Practices

First hour guest, co-founder of a grassroots movement that started 'Intenders Circles' around the world, Tony Burroughs, talked about how to use intention to manifest good in your life. He explained that setting intentions, such as when you first wake up in the morning, can help achieve a more positive outcome for your day. His intention process bears some similarity to the 'Law of Attraction' (as popularized in the The Secret), but includes lining up your intentions with the "highest good," as well as practicing intention within communities rather than just by yourself.

News segment guests: Ryan Mauro, Peter Ward

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Gary David Images
Gary David Images
In tandem with his 11/14/12 appearance, Gary A. David shares a set of related graphics. In this image Gary is pictured with Grandfather Martin at Prophecy Rock.

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