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An Evening of Open Lines

Date Friday - November 23, 2012
Host Ian Punnett
Guests Open Lines

Filling in for George, Ian Punnett (Twitter) hosted a night of Open Lines which featured callers sharing tales of UFO sightings, shadow people encounters, and a myriad of other paranormal topics. "I am a mutant," declared Barry in Florida, who revealed that he possesses a supernatural power akin to the characters in the X-Men films. According to Barry, he has the ability to control the way he falls, explaining that he can jump off of his roof and, right before reaching the ground, slowly land smoothly and safely by briefly levitating himself. Claiming to have discovered this power at the age of seven, Barry asserted that there are other mutants throughout the world and that "the X-Men thing is very, very much real."

Later in the program, Kim in Toronto recalled his memories of being a baby and attempting to communicate the fully formed thoughts in his mind. He remembered being pushed in a baby carriage by his mother and feeling extremely hot. "I'm sure that she was hearing me cry," he said, "but in my mind, I recall saying 'I'm hot, I'm so hot.'" Following that, his mother opened the front of the carriage and loosened his clothes. Kim explained that, during this ordeal, he also saw the image of a thermometer in his mind and "knew consciously, at that moment, that an increase in heat could stop my body from living."

"Basically, I've got some real life shadow people living next door to me," lamented Darnell in Detroit. He described these entities as being demonically possessed bodies and that one neighbor cursed his house by wiping something on his door frame. Following that, he said, "a spirit came out through the wall" of his bedroom and "grabbed me off the bed by my ankles and dropped me on my head and I passed out." Other callers over the course of the evening included Kevin in Los Angeles, who expressed concern that GMO foods are being secretly added to baby formula, and Julian in Maine, who contended that NASA is working on a warp drive program.

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