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A Night of Open Lines

Date Friday - January 11, 2013
Host John B. Wells
Guests Open Lines

Filling for in for George on Friday night, John B. Wells hosted four hours of Open Lines, or 'Naked Lines' as he dubbed it, featuring callers opining about Second Amendment rights, gun violence, and a seemingly out-of-control, despotic government. Polly in Buffalo, New York, asserted that governmental tyranny in the U.S. has resulted from rejecting the country's Judeo-Christian roots through legalized abortion. Polly said she expects the national healthcare system will continue this trend away from defending life until it fully embraces euthanasia as a standard way for the elderly to die (similar to the Liverpool Care Pathway).

Lori in Asheville, North Carolina, suggested that the recent spate of mass shootings across the U.S. were part of a government sponsored program to gain control over guns. "There are some people out there that see the truth and they see through this whole agenda," she said. A caller from Tennessee voiced his opinion on proposed limitations to the Second Amendment, noting that politicians will be responsible for all resulting bloodshed should the right to bear arms be severely restricted. Lou in Long Island bemoaned the state of our culture, which seems to be producing an ever-increasing number of violent children. He blamed absentee parents and extreme violence in popular media.

Vincent in Orem, Utah, expressed his concern over the National Security Agency's giant surveillance center that is being built only 25 minutes away from where he lives. Vincent was especially suspicious about why the super secret spy project is being constructed across from a Boy Scout camp, where parents have reportedly encountered trouble with NSA security while trying to pick up their children. Jeff, a trucker from Salt Lake City, was shocked to find the self-checkout machine at a Wal-Mart in Lincoln, Nebraska, no longer accepts cash. He believes the conspiracy theorists who predicted a one world digital currency are correct and this kiosk is part of pilot program to introduce the masses to a new cashless society.

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