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Anti-NDAA Legislation & Open Lines

Date Friday - February 22, 2013
Host John B. Wells
Guests Bob HasegawaJared WrightOpen Lines

Filling in for George, John B. Wells was joined in the first hour by Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa, who discussed his efforts to repeal the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Fighting the controversial law is personal for Hasegawa, as his parents and other relatives were put into detainment camps in southern Idaho for three years during World War II. Despite this violation of due process, some Japanese Americans volunteered to serve in doomed missions with the segregated 442nd Regimental Combat Team, he noted. Hasegawa lamented the power that money wields in the political process and called for a cultural shift back the Golden Rule as a guiding philosophy. If you get the most out of the system, you are morally obligated to put the most back into the system, he said. Hasegawa recommended talking about this issue with family and pledged to continue his fight against the NDAA.

In the second hour, Colorado State Representative Jared Wright spoke about his related work on anti-NDAA legislation. The NDAA has the potential to be very dangerous to the constitutional fabric of the country, Wright warned. For those who may not yet fully understand the threat of indefinite detention posed by this law, Wright echoed Hasegawa in noting that it has already happened and was upheld by the Supreme Court. Not only were the rights of 120,000 Japanese Americans suspended 70 years ago but several thousand U.S citizens of German and Italian descent as well, he explained. Wright credited our present age of 'war frenzy' for motivating many politicians, including President Obama, to support the NDAA. He suggested that unconstitutional arrests are already happening under the law and cautioned that anyone at anytime could be accused of a so-called 'belligerent' act against the country and arrested too.


During Open Lines, Jaeger in Westville, Oklahoma, phoned in to share how his group's rights have been violated by the government. Jaeger said he belongs to an organization that studies the Civil War and has had 30 friends arrested for nothing more than pointing out how the conflict closed with no treaty between the states. This means the Confederacy has been in a state of occupation for the last 150 years, he explained. Jaeger claimed that when his cohorts suggested this as historical fact they were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit treason. Dan from Augusta, Georgia, optimistically announced that we could solve our nation's problems by using common sense and American ingenuity. Dan suggested that we work to unseat unproductive leaders, get back to the Constitution, create a more business-friendly environment, support innovation, and promote peace and prosperity. Mary Ann in El Rito, New Mexico, expressed her concern about the government's plan to do away with sending out physical benefit checks. According to Mary Ann, if benefit recipients do not call the Treasury Department by March 1st to set up electronic deposit, they will automatically be enrolled in the Department's debit card program. All of your transactions will be traceable by the government with a debit card, she warned.

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