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UFOs & Wormholes

Date Sunday - August 11, 2013
Host John B. Wells
Guests Wilbur Allen

UFO researcher Wilbur Allen presented an update on UFO sightings that he believes are beyond this world, and demonstrate craft entering and leaving our atmosphere through a wormhole or stargate. Recent footage he shot shows a sudden manifestation in Sedona, Arizona airspace, and then the craft exiting undetected two hours later, he reported. This is similar to what air traffic controllers experience when they see an object suddenly appear on their radar, Allen added. In a 2002 incident, a three and half minute photographic exposure revealed an object starting to vibrate, "and you could see an arc or a hole open in the sky," followed by a flash of light, he detailed.

It was only in recent years that he acquired the technology to photograph anomalies in the sky, using higher film sensitivity and shutter speeds, to capture objects like cloaked ships, he noted. Most of the unexplained objects in the sky are light or plasma-based spacecraft-- sometimes seen as balls of light, he stated.

Allen recounted being abducted by Greys as a child growing up in the 1960s, when he lived with his family at a military base in England. Perhaps related to an alien implant in his neck, he said that he receives a signal or impulse to be at a certain locations at certain times to take photographs, where often a UFO appears out of nowhere. It's interesting that while the aliens monitor his activities, he's monitoring theirs via his photographic documentation, Allen remarked.

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Allen: 'UFO Wormhole'
Allen: 'UFO Wormhole'
8/11/13 guest, Wilbur Allen, shares a photo and video of what he describes as a sudden manifestation of a UFO in the skies above Sedona, AZ. Allen shot the video on 4/7/13.

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