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Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease

Date Saturday - August 17, 2013
Host John B. Wells
Guests Dr. Samuel Milham

John B. Wells was joined by Dr. Samuel Milham, who discussed the frightening link between human disease and electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and towers, Wi-Fi systems, Internet over power lines and other personal electronic equipment. Milham said the connection became apparent after reviewing numerous death records of people who worked with electricity. They tended to die of certain cancers, he added. The real culprit seems to be 'dirty electricity,' Milham explained, noting how it has been adversely affecting people since the days of Thomas Edison's direct current (DC) generators.

Anything that runs on DC power or interrupts electrical current, like variable frequency drives, makes dirty electricity, he continued. Milham pointed out that green energy sources, such as wind farms and solar stations, also contaminate the grid with DC power. Dairy farmers actually found that low milk production was related to variable frequency drives on milk pumps making their cows sick, he revealed. Milham shared a story about a school with a DC-powered cell tower on campus where children had ADHD-like symptoms and teachers were diagnosed with cancers related to dirty electricity. Interestingly, after the dirty electricity was removed from the school, a dairy farmer on the same grid reported how his milk production increased by ten pounds a day, he said.

Milham described how electromagnetic pollution causes a generalized stress reaction in humans, forcing the body to mount an immunologic and endocrinologic response. Since the stress never goes away the immune system becomes fatigued and unable to prevent diseases, like cancer, from taking over, he explained. According to Milham, a certain kind of childhood leukemia did not exist prior to residential electrification. Census data from the 1930s shows that urban cancer rates were 53% higher than in rural areas where there was little or no electricity, he noted. Milham warned against smart meters and the appliances that blast out microwaves to talk to them. He imagined the ideal town would have no Wi-Fi or handheld devices and be powered by sources that produce clean 60-cycle electricity that does not use the earth as a return.

The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

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