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Demonic Imps

Date Saturday - February 15, 2014
Host Dave Schrader
Guests Chris FlemingBill VailePam Grout

Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Chris Fleming, star of TV's Dead Famous, and Psychic Kids, who has been dealing with an infestation of Demonic Imps for years. Bill Vaile, a kindred spirit whose battle with demons was featured on the TV series, Paranormal Witness, joined the conversation. Fleming recalled that he first saw the entities during his childhood in the late 1970s and the creatures reemerged in his life in 2009. He described them as two to three feet tall and possessing a "beige, grotesque, type of reptilian-looking face and skin." During his 2009 encounter, Fleming attempted to catch the entity and chased it into a closet where it promptly disappeared.

Prior to his encounters with these diminutive creatures, Vaile said, he experienced strange events such as seeing shadow figures, smelling odd scents, and feeling an evil presence. One evening, Vaile, as well as his brother and sister-in-law, spotted the imps. Over time, he said, up to fifteen visitors to his home have seen the entities. After seeing Vaile's story depicted on television, Fleming realized that his encounters with the imps was not a wholly unique situation and, in the past month, he's received over 20 reports from people who have had similar experiences. "I'm not the only one," he mused, "I'm just one that has decided to come forward and speak about it."

On how he came to call these entities 'imps,' Fleming revealed that he learned of the moniker during a spirit box session a few years ago. After asking the ghosts in his home if there were any bad spirits there, they replied, "just imps." He was stunned to realize that the entities that had tormented him had a name and that they'd had encounters with humans for thousands of years. "They're actually devils," he revealed, "but we labeled them other different names" in various cultures, such as jinn or puckwudgie. Vaile echoed this idea and pointed to legends of faeries and leprechauns as possible instances of reported encounters with these entities. Ultimately, Fleming theorized that the imps are "foot soldiers" of a demonic hierarchy that infest homes in order to disturb and frighten people until they are so exhausted that a more powerful demon can enter the domicile and possess the person.

Shaping Reality

In the first hour, writer Pam Grout discussed her work devising simple experiments which demonstrate that reality is malleable and consciousness trumps matter. Grout explained that previous personal success with using intention to improve her life, she decided to devise experiments to help prove the power of the concept. One basic experiment that she shared involved the principle that "there is an invisible energy force that has your back, basically." She advised giving this 'force' a 48-hour ultimatum to provide evidence of itself and then "keep your mind open" awaiting a sign. Grout noted that the experiment allows for a person to begin opening their mind to seeing the possibility behind the principles that can help shape their reality.

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