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Weaponizing the Atmosphere

Date Saturday - June 7, 2014
Host Richard Syrett
Guests Elana FreelandSamantha Price

Richard Syrett welcomed author Elana Freeland, who detailed how the atmosphere of planet Earth is being weaponized via clandestine projects like HAARP and chemtrails. Despite media reports that the HAARP facility in Alaska will soon be dismantled, she contended that there are over 50 other such bases across the globe. "We're talking about a worldwide network of installations that are ionizing the atmosphere," she said, "and directing current toward weather systems and for other agendas of the military industrial complex." Freeland connected chemtrails to this plot because they are allegedly filled with heavy metals that are highly conductive and, thus, help allow the atmosphere to be more easily controlled by the HAARP-like facilities.

She explained that control of the weather allows the 'powers that be' to surreptitiously attack enemy nations or simply threaten them as well as cause disasters within America in order to generate profits for companies that rebuild the targeted areas. "This seems like madness that you would actually create disasters so that you could boost your economy," she observed, "but that appears to be exactly what's going on." Beyond weather control, she said, this program may be used for biological warfare, manipulating the electromagnetics of the atmosphere, and even detecting "exotic propulsion systems" in the form of UFOs.

Chillingly, Freeland also claimed that tiny, genetically engineered bacteria are being sprayed into the environment and ingested by the general population. These 'critters,' as she called them, are equipped with sensors and microprocessors "on a nano scale," allowing the government to both surveil people as well as directly attack them. Freeland asserted that the bacteria, when it becomes out of control in people with compromised immune systems, appears as the mysterious Morgellons disease which has puzzled doctors in recent years. Ultimately, she theorized that the technologically-enhanced 'critters' are part of an experiment aimed at pushing the human species toward transhumanism.

Rabies & Zombies

In the first hour, microbiologist Samantha Price discussed the similarities between symptoms of the rabies and Hollywood's portrayal of a 'zombie virus.' She noted that, much like fictional zombies, rabies victims can spread the disease via bites or bodily fluids. Additionally, people afflicted with rabies display a strong aversion to light and water, which are often hallmarks of movie zombies. However, Price said, the highly lethal nature of the rabies virus as well as the paralysis it can cause in victims make it unlikely to cause a widespread zombie-like apocalypse.

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Elana Freeland Book Trailer
Elana Freeland Book Trailer
Saturday night's guest,Alana Freeland, shared a video trailer for her new book Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. Check it out here.

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