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Tesla's Healing Technologies

Date Saturday - June 28, 2014
Host Richard Syrett
Guests Dr. William PawlukWebster Tarpley

Dr. William Pawluk, a national expert in the medical use of electromagnetics and energy medicine for more than 22 years, joined host Richard Syrett to discuss Nikola Tesla's groundbreaking work using electricity and electromagnetic fields to heal. "Every molecule, every atom is actually a magnet... we are basically an electromagnetic apparatus," Pawluk revealed, noting how these magnetic fields can be measured with various medical devices. Since the human body broadcasts a magnetic field it can be influenced by another magnetic field, he added.

Tesla invented alternating current and along with it discovered that every wire conducting electricity also produces a magnetic field (called the Right-hand Rule), Pawluk continued. He speculated that Tesla may have stumbled upon the healing effects of electromagnetism by accident, perhaps feeling better after working on some of the coils he is most famous for creating. Pawluk described how magnetic fields travel through the body like wind through the trees, not invading with anything but still having a profound effect.

According to Pawluk, modern magnetic therapy equipment is based on Tesla's coil technology and can be used to treat virtually any condition in the body. "When you put a magnetic field through the body, the body will take from it basically what it wants," he said, pointing out that treatment is sometimes a trial and error process. As an example, Pawluk explained how brain patterns can be tuned to certain frequencies to make a patient more alert or relaxed. Magnetic fields stimulated anything in the body that will resonate at the same frequency, starting a cascade of events that ultimately rebalance the system, he said.

ISIS Update

First hour guest, philosopher of history Webster Tarpley commented on current world events and shared his contention that Iraqi insurgent group ISIS is a CIA trained organization (related article). "ISIS is largely a product of this advanced guerilla-mujahedeen training school that the US, Britain, France, NATO in general, have had going in Jordan," he said. According to Tarpley, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was brainwashed at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and is now working as a double agent for the US with the goal of destroying Iraq as a modern state.

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Healing with Frequencies
Healing with Frequencies
In a YouTube clip from the film, Healing With Frequencies, Dr. William Pawluk talks about his goal of self-sufficiency when treating patients and why he chooses to heal with magnetic field therapy. "Magnetic fields work at the level of the cell injury to help the physiology rebalance itself," he explains. Dr. Pawluk recommends devices manufactured in Germany or Switzerland, as those countries have a certain expertise in producing such equipment. Check it out here.

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