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Metaphysical Wicca/ Open Lines

Date Friday - August 1, 2014
Host George Noory
Guests Lady Shadowe

In the first half of the program, high priestess in the Divinity Coven of New York City and practitioner of Metaphysical Wicca, Lady Shadowe, discussed the Wiccan religion as well as the nature of magical spells. "It's the most peaceful and beautiful and enlightening religion that you can really think of," she marveled about Wicca. Dismissing the unfortunate misconception that the religion is sinister, she stressed that Wicca is "in no way associated with the conjuring of demons or using evil spirits." To that end, Lady Shadowe explained that her coven only uses magical spells that are rooted in "pure light and love" since these forces are more powerful that negative emotions or intentions.

Regarding magical spells, Lady Shadowe noted that, as a Metaphysical Wiccan, she utilizes "mind to manifestation techniques using the law of attraction" in the form of meditation, aromatherapy, and visualization. As an example, she shared one ritual aimed at attracting love which requires "magic tools" such as dried rose petals, cinnamon powder, and a red or pink candle with love symbols carved into it. After burning some rose oil incense, the person should read a poem or prayer centering around love, speak positive affirmations, and then visualize as if their love life has already improved. Following that, one blesses the universe and thanks the divine forces which have been called upon for help. Lady Shadowe advised having patience while waiting for results, since it may take months for the "magical manifestations" to make themselves apparent.


During Open Lines, a number of callers responded to the story of the American Ebola victims being brought to the United States. Mary in Texas expressed concern that the infected patients could inadvertently lead to an outbreak in America regardless of the isolation precautions which would be put in place. On the contrary, Zeff in Sacramento argued that the spread of Ebola in other parts of the world is due to unsanitary conditions there and that the Americans will be receiving the best care possible by bringing them to the CDC. Later in the program, Randy in Pennsylvania theorized that the Ebola victims may be brought to America as a way of facilitating a purposeful outbreak of the virus in order to declare Martial Law. Jeremy in Illinois echoed those thoughts and suggested that Ebola is being imported to America as "a first step in population control."

Other callers during the evening included Stan in Elmira, New York, who recalled a frightening experience which befell him a few years ago when, in the middle of the night, he was awakened by a man in his room screaming, "what the heck is that?" Although certain that it has just been a vivid dream, since his dog remained asleep, Stan was shaken when, seconds later, he heard the man screaming the question again. "I got up and went to the window," he said, "and there was not a soul out there." In a similar call, Austin in Wyoming detailed how his research into Shadow People suggests that these entities are simply apparitions and do not mean to harm humans. Although they frighten people, Austin contended that "I cannot find any evidence to support that anything bad actually happens to people afterwards."

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi & Peter Davenport


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