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Time Anomalies

Date Saturday - August 30, 2014
Host Dave Schrader
Guests Joel MartinWilliam J. BirnesAndrew D. BasiagoPaul H. Smith

Host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researchers William Birnes and Joel Martin for a discussion on the possibilities of time travel, time slip phenomena, déjà vu, and alternate dimensions. "I think that some of the anomalies that we're experiencing now... are the result of people interfering with our timeline," Birnes said. He shared a story about Philip J. Corso's encounter with a shiny pulsating object in the desert that, according to German rocketry pioneer Hermann Oberth, was likely a time ship. Martin echoed Birnes belief in the reality of time travel. "I absolutely, positively am sure it exists whether we can explain it or not," he stated.

Government-sponsored projects are 25 to 30 years ahead of where the public thinks they are, Birnes continued, adding that the United States has experimented with various forms of time travel, such as mentally traveling to the future. Time-traveling attorney Andrew D. Basiago joined the conversation in the first hour. He claimed to have been a child participant in a government research program called Project Pegasus, which successfully tested methods of teleportation and time travel. "By 1970 the program had several forms of physical time travel," he declared.

Basiago recalled traveling back in time to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, noting how major historical events are deeply embedded in alternate timelines within the multiverse. Details such as who shot Lincoln (John Wilkes Booth in one, Mary Todd Lincoln in another) may change but the actual outcome of the event remains constant, he revealed. Remote viewing instructor Paul Smith came aboard in the second hour. He spoke about the difficulty in perceiving the future and suggested that altering a future event is possible when precognitive knowledge from a remote viewing session or dream is acted upon.

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