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Global Consciousness

Date Tuesday - September 16, 2014
Host George Noory
Guests Stephan SchwartzRobert ZimmermanKelly Sullivan Walden

During the middle two hours, futurist and researcher Stephan Schwartz talked about non-local consciousness and how a simple change in mindset can have a profound effect on the world around us. "There is an emerging world view that is taking over science," Schwartz observed, "that says that we live in a 'matrix of life' in which all life is interdependent and interconnected." He explained that this developing perspective sees consciousness as not entirely tethered to the physical body. The non-physical part of consciousness, he said, is believed to be responsible for such phenomena as ESP, near death experiences, creative breakthroughs, and spiritual epiphanies. Additionally, Schwartz surmised, this aspect of consciousness is connected to a global sentience which is shared by everyone and has been demonstrated in lab experiments such as the Princeton Eggs.

On how everyday people can create greater change in society, Schwartz shared a simple exercise which, he believes, could have a transformative effect on the world. He suggested that, when faced with a decision, a person should ask themselves "which is the most compassionate and life-affirming" choice and to pick that outcome. In turn, Schwartz said, tell ten friends about this new discipline and ask them to also adopt it as well as share it with others. Eventually, he posited, this benevolent decision making will reach critical mass and changes will begin to emerge. To that end, he pointed to the positive evolution of LGBT rights in recent years as an organic version of how this process can be seen at work in the world today.

Space Taxis

In the first hour, space historian Robert Zimmerman shared his thoughts on NASA awarding contracts to both Boeing and Space X to develop craft to take astronauts to the ISS. "Within the United States," he marveled, "this is going to be an interesting space race." He explained that the decision by NASA to choose two companies was based on a desire to both foster a competitive space industry and provide multiple methods of getting to the ISS. While Zimmerman expects Boeing to take some time to complete their craft, he noted that Space X has already flown their ship, known as 'Dragon,' to the ISS to deliver cargo and, after some technical adjustments, should be ready for manned spaceflight relatively soon.

Dreams & Nightmares

In the final hour, dream coach Kelly Sullivan Walden discussed dreams and nightmares. She stressed the importance of acknowledging and attempting to understand dreams, since they provide a glimpse into underlying issues which may not present themselves as clearly in the waking state. "In some ways, dreams are considered the secret wishes of the soul," Walden mused, "a lot of them are the way that spirit speaks to us." Regarding nightmares, Walden noted that such experiences may actually be beneficial for people because they allow them to face their greatest fears in a virtual environment. Upon waking from the dream and examining how they reacted, Walden said, people can develop a ways to confront such concerns or phobias when they are awake.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi & Catherine Austin Fitts

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