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Cold Fusion Breakthroughs

Date Thursday - October 9, 2014
Host George Noory
Guests Sterling D. AllanMartine Rothblatt

During the first half, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan, talked about the latest developments in alternative energies and cold fusion technology. Allan commented on a recently published third-party report on the performance of Andrea Rossi's low energy nuclear reactor. Rossie's "cold fusion" device ran for 32 days continuously at over 1000° C using only a gram of fuel, he reported, noting it produced 3.5 times more energy than was put into the system. According to Allan, we may only be five to ten years away from a small (size of refrigerator) cold fusion system that can power a house.

The clean and nearly free energy of cold fusion would spark a revolution bigger than the internet, he continued. Allan estimated the cost of such a system could be as low as $3000 and paid for in savings within three years. He imagined how the technology could be adapted to power cars and even jet packs. "I know people are working on that," he revealed, citing Raphial Morgado's jet pack prototype. Allan mentioned the XPRIZE offer of $20 million for 'forbidden energy' and encouraged listeners themselves to help fund emerging alternative energy technologies. "If we got our act together, we could have this stuff in a few months," he said.

Digital Immortality

In the final hour, lawyer, entrepreneur, and medical ethicist, Martine Rothblatt, PhD, discussed her latest research presented in Virtually Human: The Promise—and the Peril—of Digital Immortality. Rothblatt suggested it is unrealistic to think Artificial Intelligence will wipe out humanity, as there is no market demand for software that is harmful. She spoke about her work genetically modifying the pig genome to create unlimited quantities of organs that can be safely transplanted into humans, and how this technology will converge with the ability to download the brain within a few decades.

"You'll have a regenerated body before the end of the century, you'll have the equivalent of a brain in a thumb drive... and you've got an immortal being," Rothblatt explained. She examined some perils of increased longevity, including a bored and potentially suicidal population, and a large portion of the electorate that may be more risk averse. Rothblatt also talked about her invention of satellite radio and founding of United Therapeutics, which she started to find a cure for pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The third hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Dr. Peter Breggin

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