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Milk & Mortality/ Encounters with Vampires

Date Wednesday - November 19, 2014
Host George Noory
Guests Dr. John McDougallDeborah King

During the first half of the show, physician and nutrition expert Dr. John McDougall commented on a British research study which found a diet rich in milk could have detrimental health consequences. The study found frequent milk consumption was not good for bones and doubled the risk of death, McDougall reported. People are being poisoned from fat and environmental contaminants in the food they eat and diary is at the root of it, he suggested. According to McDougall, cow's milk is only to be consumed by calves as it causes early sexual maturation in humans as well as contributes to cancer and obesity. "It's just the wrong food for people," he said.

McDougall traced America's obesity epidemic on dietary changes which have seen an increase in consuming animal foods and oils over the last 34 years. He blamed China's increasing obese population on the country shifting from 90% rice-based diet to one filled with animal products. McDougall railed against olive oil consumption, noting it has no nutritional value and when consumed gets stored under the skin as fat. He warned about treating type 2 diabetes with medicine as a recent study found those who aggressively treated with medication were at increased risk for death, heart disease, and weight gain. McDougall recommended high calorie plants on the dinner plate.alked about her encounters with vampires and their true nature—what drives them, why they behave as they do, how to spot them in a crowd, and if garlic really does protect you from them.


In the latter half, energy healer and spiritual teacher Deborah King talked about her encounters with vampires and their true nature—what drives them, why they behave as they do, how to spot them in a crowd, and if garlic really does protect you from them. Vampires can manifest as humans and animals, she explained, noting her own confrontation with a vampire in the form of a bat. The creature had red glowing eyes, an unnerving presence, and seemed to inspire violent nightmares, King recalled. "I realized I was dealing with some sort of a vampire in bat form," she said. After a chilling attack King claimed she was able to ward off the vampiric bat by replacing its dark energy with light energy.

"They're not just a myth," she continued, tracing the vampire's origins to real creatures recorded in ancient Greek writings. They stalk us for the life force found in our blood, she revealed, noting how some can survive on animal blood but most prefer to consume human blood. King described vampires as hypnotic and charismatic, and able to pull energy from a distance without having to drink blood. Like many Hollywood film vampires, they have pale skin, sensitivity to light, a diminished need for sleep, and do not seem to age, she further disclosed. Unlike their cinematic counterparts, however, real vampires are not immortal, she suggested. King also pointed out that garlic offers no protection against these bloodsuckers and recommended silver, crucifixes, and holy water.

News segment guests: Steve "Dr. Sky" Kates / Robert Zubrin

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