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Science Advances/ The Lost Scale

Date Monday - December 29, 2014
Host George Noory
Guests Charles Shults IIIDavid B. Sereda

In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults talked about advances in science, medicine, and space exploration. He heralded the age of 3D printers which have come down in price, and are able to create a variety of objects such as engines and parts for spacecraft. "Eventually, they want to put larger 3D printers in space, and print whole space stations, and habitats," he marveled, adding that the printing of human organs in combination with using stem cells has also been demonstrated.

Regarding life out in space, many icy, frozen worlds far from the sun are covered with a mysterious organic material called tholin, a reddish-brown substance made by ultraviolet light, Shults pointed out. He also expressed enthusiasm about a NASA plan to build a submarine to explore oceans on such places as Europa, to look for signs of life, as well as the new material graphene, which has the ability to pull hydrogen right out of the atmosphere.


In the latter half, scientist, filmmaker, and spiritual explorer David Sereda discussed his discovery of a 'Lost Scale' of musical tones, math codes, and a surprising realization about Noah's Ark. "The frequency of the lost scales of pyramids represent a more perfect, more melodic...music scale that the ancients tuned their instruments to...These are the tones I believe Jesus had his disciples meditate to...to activate and turn on their light bodies," he suggested. When listening to these tones, they produce a sense of elated bliss, and in ancient times were used to enter higher states of consciousness, he asserted.

Regarding Noah's Ark, Sereda has concluded it was a circular craft like a UFO, and functioned as a teleportation device rather than a boat. This realization, he explained, was triggered by a letter he received from God in a dream, revealing a math code that takes the Noah's Ark dimensions x 4 which he connected to the most significant numbers in the Great Pyramid. For more, check out this related video.

News segment guests: Peter Davenport, Mish Shedlock

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