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Sasquatch Encounters/ UFOs & the Occult

Date Tuesday - February 17, 2015
Host George Noory
Guests Wes GermerAllen Greenfield

In the first half of the show, Wes Germer shared the life-changing experience that he and his brother had when they were surrounded by a family of what they believe were Bigfoot/Sasquatch in November of 2012. The two were parked near a game trail late one night in Washington state when they heard eerie growling sounds and observed something moving toward the car. Then, they saw something moving in a tree, not unlike a monkey. Finally, they saw a huge creature step out into the road, about 60 ft. away. "It was the biggest thing I've ever seen-- it wasn't a man, it wasn't a bear"-- it stood about 10 ft. tall and must have weighed around 1,000 lbs., he marveled.

Germer surmised that it was some type of primate creature-- it walked with bent knees, had a head smaller in proportion to its body, and its arms hung down almost to its knees. It had a menacing quality, and was accompanied by a smaller, lighter-colored creature that jumped off a small ridge top. The riveting incident changed him from a total skeptic into a Bigfoot researcher and investigator. One of the cases he subsequently looked into involved a man named Bob Garrett who filmed a torn-up camp in Texas, where it appeared like bodies had been dragged off. Germer noted that there are regional differences in Sasquatch, with four different main types.


In the latter half, occultist, ceremonial magician, and UFO researcher, Allen Greenfield, who has twice been the recipient of the "UFOlogist of the Year Award" from the National UFO Conference, discussed the connections between the occult world, angels, and UFO phenomena. Skilled at reading Tarot cards and seeing auras, Greenfield talked about working as a 'master psychic' for the telephone-based Psychic Friends Network for five years. It was a legitimate service that tested the psychic abilities of readers before they hired them, he noted. The occult can be directed toward positive purposes such as developing consciousness and healing, he added.

Greenfield has delved into the complex school of occultism called Enochian Magick, and helped to simplify it in his recent works. Some of the associated spells or incantations can open portals to "otherware" or other dimensions, he explained. His first book, The Secret Cipher of Ufonauts, explored the esoteric and occult codes connected with vintage UFO cases. One of the most fascinating UFO cases concerned a man named John Reeves in Brooksville, Florida, who described a series of encounters with "space people" between 1965 and 1971, said Greenfield, who also detailed his investigations into the anomalous Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina.

News segment guests: Frosty Wooldridge, Steve Kates

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