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Ancient Mars/ Angel Messages

Date Wednesday - October 5, 2016
Host George Noory
Guests Dr. John BrandenburgTanya Carroll Richardson

In the first half, plasma physicist John Brandenburg, PhD, discussed why he believes a faction of the government wants controversial images of lost civilizations and nuclear weapon signatures on Mars to be released to the public in order to build support for a manned mission to the Red Planet. With the Face on Mars, and various artifacts and pyramids in the Cydonia region, there are telltale signs of a past civilization, perhaps akin to the ancient Egyptians or Mayans, he has concluded. Yet, Mars' atmosphere is loaded with telltale isotopes that suggest a massive nuclear explosion took place there around 200-500 million years ago, he continued.

Based on the amount of the chemical element xenon 129 found in the Martian atmosphere, Brandenburg estimates that the explosion was large enough to have torn the entire atmosphere of Mars away from the planet and into space, changing it from an Earth-like environment to its current state. The nuclear attack was likely done from space, with a mid-air explosion that left a large amount of trinitite-like glass in two locations, one near Cydonia (see map). He believes we need to get astronauts on Mars as soon as possible in order to find out further details of what happened there, and so that Earth can avoid the same fate.


In the latter half, author and professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson shared messages from the angel realm, and revealed the nature of various types of angels - who they are, what motivates them, and how we can we summon their help. Angels can appear to us in many guises, including as a human, as white vapory mists, a bright light, a series of small, dancing colored lights, or in the traditional form as a being with wings, she cited. Richardson said she saw a winged angel once, and its feathered wings were enormous, and conveyed a great sense of power. When she does a reading for a client, ascended masters, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones can all show up, but it's mostly archangels and helper angels that assist her with the client's issues.

Angels are eager to help and work with people, and with our free will we can invite them into our lives to help assist us, she said. Rather than through a Christian lens, Richardson views angels as non-denominational beings who exist in another dimension, and can aid a person of any religious or non-religious persuasion, acting as a kind of silent partner. To communicate with an angel, just start by sending them messages through your prayers, meditations, journals or even your random thoughts, she suggested. The various higher order archangels can also assist (each has their own specialty), and no problem is too small for their attention, Richardson remarked.

News segment guests: Cal Orey, Dr. Peter Breggin

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