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Alternative Health / Angelic Realm

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches and suggestions for remedies and supplements. In this episode, in addition to human health, he offered advice for people's pets. It's important to get the right type of dog or cat food appropriate to the animal's size, and grain-free is typically best, he cited. People tend to pay more attention to the diet of small dogs, he continued, but larger animals need the same percentage of supplementation, based on their weight. He recommended sprinkling a nutritional supplement called ArthryDex over any pet's food, as this is particularly good for bone and joint support.

In regards to the human diet, Wallach argued that people who consume higher fat foods like whole milk and yogurt live significantly longer than those who eat low-fat foods. Speaking of infant formula, he said that many of the products were deficient in a full spectrum of essential vitamins and nutrients.


In the latter half, internationally recognized evidential medium Leanne Thomas discussed the angelic realm and her love for helping others own their spiritual gifts. She outlined the many angelic connections we have and can use. Thomas views angels as evolved souls who have reached a kind of mastery. They occupy different realms, and interestingly, she disclosed that some don't have anything to do with Earth or even our universe. The ones who work most closely with humans are guardian angels and archangels, she noted.

The celestial beings known as the Seraphim particularly help in the early periods of acquiring knowledge, and Thomas believes they were interpreted as dragons in ancient cultures of the world. The Archangels are very non-judgmental and help a wide variety of people she said, including Rafael, who works with individuals on their health, and healing. All people are born with guardian angels, who are like our cheerleaders, she cited. "They don't have names," Thomas explained, "because they never lived an earthly life. They grew and evolved their soul even before the Earth was made." Angelic help is always available, she added, but sometimes it doesn't appear the way we would expect or recognize.

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