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The Multiple Wave Oscillator

Date Saturday - October 7, 2017
Host Richard Syrett
Guests Paul BabcockPeter LindemannAdam BerryAmy Bruni

Engineer, scientist, author and inventor, Georges Lakhovsky invented the Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) in the early '30s and said it could revitalize and strengthen the health of cells. Two modern day scientists and inventors, Paul Babcock and Dr. Peter Lindemann, joined Richard Syrett to discuss how they make and use these devices (related link.) Babcock located a non-working model of the Oscillator and brought in Lindemann to help him make a copy the device, made of parts bought off the shelf. Lindemann said that the device "evolved out of Lakhovsky’s understanding of cell oscillation" and broadcasts many frequencies at once in order to help the cells in an organism "find a frequency in that spread of frequencies that matches it’s own." In this way, Babcock and Lindemann claim, the machine revitalizes the body.

Both inventors say that the device has helped them to feel and look younger, and commented that it seems to "roll back the aging process." The guests also described Lakhovsky’s work with doctors in Europe who were using the device to treat so-called "helpless" cases with compelling results. When Lakhovsky died in the U.S. in 1942, his son Sergei continued to build and test the MWO, but with the advent of antibiotics after WWII the device fell out of favor.

Lindemann pointed out that nothing cures every disease every time, "but the results were spectacularly positive" for the Oscillator over many trials for about 30 years. The technology for the MWO was basically lost before a group of researchers published detailed descriptions and instructions in 2009. It was soon after this that Babcock used these plans to build his own device. Both have noticed that the Oscillator is affected by the environment, specifically the weather and solar flare activity. They say that this is because of the nature of the device and its ability to tap into the natural energies of the Earth. Lindemann added that one of the other benefits of the machine besides the physical effects is that it also seems to "take you automatically into a meditative state." They both stressed that they were required to say that the MWO "is not a medical device."


In the first hour, ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry spoke on how they help people affected by sinister paranormal experiences in the course of the production of their series, "Kindred Spirits." The program focuses with those who believe that deceased family members are haunting them or their homes. Bruni said that "by the time they come to us, they’re at their wits’ end." Some are even to the point of leaving their homes to escape the events that plague them. Berry mentioned that they try to help the affected parties by stressing that they try and "give closure and comfort to both sides of the veil" meaning that both the living and the departed need to be guided to some sort of resolution to move on. Neither of the two see any reason to be frightened of ghosts or other paranormal events. "People fear what they don’t understand," said Bruni.

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