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Life of RFK/ Past Life Insights

Date Tuesday - May 1, 2018
Host George Noory
Guests C. Richard AllenMary Occhino

Rick Allen is a media and technology executive and has been a speechwriter, fundraiser, and state campaign manager for several presidential and Senate candidates. He also served as Deputy Assistant to President Clinton, helping to create AmeriCorps. In the first half, he discussed his work documenting the incredible impact Senator Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) has had on history, and how his work and ideals have resonated in the nearly 50 years since his death in June of 1968. His forward thinking on such difficult issues as race, and poverty, as well as creating economic opportunities still offer relevance for us in 2018, Allen remarked.

He recounted the momentous occasion when RFK gave a largely improvised campaign speech in Indianapolis on April 4, 1968 just several hours after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and there were fears of a riot. His inspirational and impassioned speech, in which he informed the shocked crowd of the death of MLK was well received, and Indianapolis was one of the few cities where there wasn't rioting that night. Allen also talked about Kennedy's stalwart efforts to root the Mob and organized crime out of US life when he served as the Attorney General in his brother's administration.


Mary Occhino is a world-renowned psychic-intuitive medium, author, radio and now appcast host who provides guidance on relationships, health, family, career concerns, and closure to those who have lost loved ones. In the latter half, she spoke about her work, and her experiences with past lives and how they affect present journeys. Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul in a new body after a physical death, she believes, adding that to some degree a person chooses the body or family they have in their present and next lives. The soul, she explained, has a need to clear karma from a past life, as well as to learn and teach others its accumulated knowledge from previous lives.

While in a meditation, she went to back to her one of own past lives in which she was a French bearded doctor named Henri around the 16th century, who was very callous and cold. She was shown a time when he was taken to visit a young female patient who was unable to move. He was cruel to her and told the girl to get up, even though she said she couldn't. Occhino believes that's why she has the condition of multiple sclerosis (and was bedridden for a number of years) as a karmic way for her to understand what the girl was going through.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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