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Psychic Paramedic / UFOs & the Occult

Date Monday - February 18, 2019
Host George Noory
Guests Sarah K. GraceAllen Greenfield

Paramedic and medical intuitive Sarah K. Grace merged her career as a paramedic in some of California's busiest 911 systems with her innate clairvoyant gifts. In the first half, she shared some of the paranormal experiences she's had at accidents and crime scenes. Outlining the difficulties she faced growing up with psychic sensitivities in a family that did not welcome them, she finally grew to accept her abilities in adulthood after going through a crisis that included a near-death experience. In her paramedic work, on one unnerving call, a 17-year-old boy had hung himself in his room, and she saw his soul trying to get back into his body, realizing he'd made a huge mistake in killing himself.

At an accident site, a young woman became fatally trapped in her car, and Grace saw a massive celestial angel, 12 ft. tall and cobalt blue, blanketing the entire scene. She has observed a difference in how a person's spirit deals with a traumatic or sudden death versus an expected one (such as someone in an end-stage disease process). In the latter case, "their chakra system would just ever so slowly begin to unfurl," she explained, starting from the base of the spine and unraveling up; eventually, the soul passes out through the chest or more often the top of the head. In cases of traumatic deaths such as from accidents, she often witnesses angelic or celestial beings do a kind of debriefing with the new spirit before they seem to merge together and vanish.


American occultist, ceremonial magician, UFO researcher, writer and editor, Allen H. Greenfield has recently focused on contacting angels and UFO beings by using occult spells and rituals. In the latter half, he discussed the connections between the occult world and UFO phenomena. "I think we're constantly overlapping into other realities," he remarked, "and you can fit in a variety of occult and paranormal phenomena there," including ghosts, UFO beings, Shadow People, and cryptids. These are manifestations of the "thin veil" that exists between our consensus universe and one or more other membranes. Rather than alien visitors coming from elsewhere (such as other star systems) he suggested the term "else-what" denoting these adjacent realms.

He recounted how the occultist Aleister Crowley made contact with a being called LAM (Crowley's drawing bears resemblance to the modern Grey alien). The entity he conjured up in 1917 is similar to what people have spontaneously seen in connection with UFO sightings in the last few decades, though those in the fields of ufology and the occult tend to view such episodes as completely separate, he pointed out. Greenfield is suspicious of some of the trance channeled material purported to come from ETs, noting that names like Ashtar (from Ashtar Command) are reminiscent of certain ancient demons. Greenfield, who at one time was published by Illuminet Press, also talked about how the publisher of Illuminet, Ron Bonds, and several of his writers (such as Jim Keith) died under strange circumstances, which may have had something to do with the conspiracies they were attempting to reveal.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates

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