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Earth Changes & Sacred Geometry / Meier's Contacts & Prophecies

Date Thursday - February 20, 2020
Host George Noory
Guests Randall CarlsonMichael Horn

First Half: Master builder and architectural designer, geological explorer and renegade scholar, Randall Carlson has four decades of research and exploration into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science. He will discuss his research into earth changes and catastrophic events as well as ancient mythology, astronomy, paleontology, symbolism, sacred geometry and architecture.

Second Half: Michael Horn, spokesperson for famed UFO contactee Billy Meier, will address how even more recent developments in Europe were specifically predicted as far back as 1958 by Meier. Horn shares Meier's writings about time travel, and how he foretold great sheets of fire in California, earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest and Europe, and destructive volcanic eruptions.