Most Recent - Alternative Medicine & Health

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Edward Dodge, Open Lines

Edward Dodge delves into his research into the ancient use of cannabis and emergence (and disappearance) of The Goddess throughout history. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Robert Lustig, Robert Schwartz

Robert H. Lustig, M.D. argued that processed food has been ruining our health for many years. Followed by hypnotherapist Robert Schwartz on how the soul plans out its life, pre-birth.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Ronnie Cummins, Christy Whitman

Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Assoc. advocated for a regenerative system of food and farming. Followed by transformational leader Christy Whitman with steps people can take to manifest their desires.

HOST: Connie Willis
GUESTS: Andrew Gallimore, Open Lines

Neurobiologist and chemist Andrew Gallimore talked with Connie Willis about his research on the role of psychedelic drugs like the powerful hallucinogen DMT in communicating with alien entities. Followed by Open Lines.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Dr. Joel Wallach, Steven Weiss

Dr. Joel Wallach discussed alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements. Followed by astrologer Steven Mark Weiss on the connection between a person's sun sign and the phase of the moon.

HOST: Lisa Garr
GUESTS: Lisa Barnett, Brandy Gillmore

Lisa Barnett outlined the Akashic system that she said helps develop self-awareness and change. Followed by Brandy Gillmore, who shared how a devastating accident led to her helping people heal through an understanding of their subconscious struggles.

HOST: Richard Syrett
GUESTS: Kathleen Marden, Gail Lynn

UFO researcher Kathleen Marden commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case. Followed by Gail Lynn, who discussed her Harmonic Egg which utilizes sound and light to activate healing.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Benjamin Fuchs, Nick Begich

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs talked about natural health remedies and supplements to maintain good health. Followed by author and lecturer Dr. Nick Begich on steps to activate your potential.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Vernon Mahabal

Cardiologist Dr. Steven Sinatra discussed the mind/body connection related to heart disease and shared tips on diet and supplements. Followed by author Vernon Mahabal on palmistry trends and insights for the year ahead.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Dr. Joel Wallach, Kathleen McGowan

Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in recovery from diseases and ailments. Followed by author Kathleen McGowan on her late husband, Ancient Aliens theorist Philip Coppens.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: James Nestor, Joanne DiMaggio

Journalist James Nestor discussed the tremendous power of proper breathing. Followed by past life researcher Joanne DiMaggio on Edgar Cayce, and the man he believed was Thomas Jefferson's reincarnation.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Benjamin Fuchs, Greg Everett

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts and offered tips on supplements. Followed by Greg Everett with methods of cultivating toughness and resourcefulness.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Benjamin Baruch, Jonathan M. Goldman

Author Benjamin Baruch shared his interpretation of Bible prophecy related to current events and the pandemic. Followed by energy healer Jonathan M. Goldman, who explained his methods and practice.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Vir McCoy, Bob Berman

Teacher and healer Vir McCoy talked about his lengthy battle with Lyme disease and his recovery using natural remedies. Followed by astronomy writer Bob Berman on space and cosmology.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Dr. Joel Wallach, Kim Dennis

Dr. Joel Wallach discussed alternative health approaches and the benefits of supplements. Followed by clairvoyant medium Kim Dennis on her Other Side communications.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Eileen Day McKusick , James Paris

A practitioner of electric health and therapeutic sound, Eileen Day McKusick shared her methods. Followed by author Jim Paris on his riches to rags tale, and tips for coping in the pandemic.

HOST: Lisa Garr
GUESTS: Dave Asprey, Dr. Uma Naidoo

Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey revealed how intermittent fasting can improve one's life. Followed by psychiatrist and nutrition consultant, Dr. Uma Naidoo, who discussed the relationship between a sound diet and mental health.


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