Most Recent - Extraterrestrial

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Scott Mitchell, Rob A. Gentile

Biblical scholar Scott Mitchell shared his belief that aliens are actually fallen angels posing as ETs. Followed by Rob A. Gentile, who discussed how his near-death experience and receipt of a donor heart led to a journey of spiritual awakening.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Michael E. Salla, Alan Steinfeld

Researcher Michael Salla discussed a possible 'Star Trek' future for space travel with collaborative programs and ventures among nations. Followed by writer and producer Alan Steinfeld deciphering the UFO contact experience.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Heino Falcke, Paul Wallis

Prof. Heino Falcke talked about the world of black holes and how he was the first person to present an image of one to the public. Followed by researcher Paul Anthony Wallis on ancient stories of ET contact and abduction.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Jack Carr, James P. Lough

Author Jack Carr discussed US' plans to pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and what it's like to option his stories for Hollywood productions. Followed by retired government attorney James P. Lough on his UFO briefing book.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Robert Morningstar, Andrew Knoll

Researcher Robert D. Morningstar updated his work on Martian and lunar anomalies. Followed by Prof. Andrew Knoll on planet Earth's turbulent history.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Brandon Fugal, Jeremy Corbell, Reuben Langdon

Skinwalker Ranch owner Brandon Fugal joined George Knapp to discuss this hot spot for UFOs and high strangeness. Followed by filmmakers Jeremy Corbell and Reuben Langdon, who talked about new images and videos of UFOs reportedly filmed by the US Navy.

HOST: Connie Willis
GUESTS: Andrew Gallimore, Open Lines

Neurobiologist and chemist Andrew Gallimore talked with Connie Willis about his research on the role of psychedelic drugs like the powerful hallucinogen DMT in communicating with alien entities. Followed by Open Lines.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Michio Kaku, Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, Jay King

Co-creators Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, and Jay King discussed The Experiencer Group, social media for those who’ve encountered ETs, with George Knapp. In the first hour, Michio Kaku talked about relativity versus quantum theory.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: L. A. Marzulli, Derrel Sims

L. A. Marzulli discussed how the Nephilim returned after the Great Flood, and why they're here today. Followed by Derrel Sims, who talked about tiny devices implanted into humans by aliens.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Mark Walters, Suzanne Ross

Radio host and activist Mark Walters discussed his work defending the Second Amendment and gun rights. Followed by wellness specialist Suzanne Ross on her alien encounters, and paranormal and healing experiences.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: William Stickevers, Seth Shostak

Astrologer William Stickevers shared predictions and financial insights for the year ahead and beyond. Followed by SETI astronomer Seth Shostak on a curious stellar object, and mysterious signal.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Nicole Perlroth, Adrian Rudnyk

New York Times writer Nicole Perlroth discussed the the terrifying and secret cyberweapons market. Followed by Adrian Rudnyk on the possible nature of an alien civilization on Earth, and what our relationship might be like.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Harry Drew, Timothy Green Beckley, Arik Kershenbaum

Historian Harry Drew and author Timothy Green Beckley talked about the 1953 crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, Arizona. Followed by zoologist Arik Kershenbaum on which forms alien life could take.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Dr. Joel Wallach, Kathleen McGowan

Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in recovery from diseases and ailments. Followed by author Kathleen McGowan on her late husband, Ancient Aliens theorist Philip Coppens.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Eric Berger, Paul Bartholomew

Space journalist Eric Berger discussed Elon Musk and SpaceX's ventures. Followed by investigative researcher Paul Bartholomew on cases of UFOs, Bigfoot, and high strangeness.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Sarah R. Adams, Candice Covington

Intuitive healer Sarah R. Adams talked about her various ET incarnations. Followed by aromatherapist Candice Covington on the spiritual qualities of food.

HOST: Lisa Garr
GUESTS: Darryl Anka, Christopher Howard

Darryl Anka discussed his work as a channel for a remarkable entity known as Bashar. In the last hour, Christopher Howard revealed how to override old programming to transform one's life, and manifest greater achievement and fulfillment.


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