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HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Richard Lertzman, Richard Smoley

Writer Richard A. Lertzman discussed the legacy of the Rat Pack, and Dr. Max Jacobson, nicknamed "Dr. Feelgood." Followed by author Richard Smoley on such topics as astrology, Tarot, and magic.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Marjory Wildcraft, Christian Westbrook, Aaron Sagers

Expert in backyard food production, Marjory Wildcraft and agricultural researcher Christian Westbrook talked about cultivating your own food supply. Followed by journalist Aaron Sagers on the popularity of the paranormal in lockdown.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Ira Rosen, John Russell

Producer Ira Rosen discussed his time working behind-the-scenes at 60 Minutes. Followed by psychic John Russell on strange entities and manifestations.

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Richard Thompson Ford, Peter Lance

Peter Lance revealed how billionaire Doris Duke got away with the 1966 murder of interior designer Eduardo Tirella. During the first hour, Richard Thompson Ford delved into the history of the laws of fashion.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Maria Shaw, Chris Alexander

Psychic and astrologer Maria Shaw shared an astrological forecast for 2021. Followed by writer and filmmaker Chris Alexander on the appeal of the horror genre.

HOST: Richard Syrett
GUESTS: Arlen Schumer, Open Lines

Pop culture historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer discussed the 1960s live action Batman TV series. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Lionel Friedberg, Open Lines

Emmy Award-winning producer Lionel Friedberg discussed the secret sex lives of Hollywood stars, and his experiences with African shamanism. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Leonard David, Chuck Gunderson

Space journalist Leonard David presented updates on space exploration and discoveries. Followed by author Chuck Gunderson on the popularity of the Beatles, and death of John Lennon.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Ernest Cline, Susan Demeter

Ernest Cline discussed his book "Ready Player One" and the brand new sequel. Susan Demeter described the history of witchcraft, her practice as a modern witch, and how it relates to psychic functioning and UFOs.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: John Fogerty, Sal Santoro

Legendary musician John Fogerty talked about his career and interests. Followed by Sal Santoro, the co-owner of A Crooked Path on his work with the occult and witchcraft.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Neal Adams, Carole Obley

Comic book artist Neal Adams discussed his career and maverick science theories. Followed by spiritual medium Carole J. Obley on her communications with the Afterlife.

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Phil Proctor, David Ossman, Open Lines

Phil Proctor and David Ossman of the legendary comedy troupe Firesign Theatre discussed the group's history and new double-LP compilation. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: John Gastil , Gary Collins

Prof. John Gastil discussed the huge popularity of gaming culture and its different varieties. Followed by author Gary Collins on his life off-the-grid in the age of COVID.

HOST: Richard Syrett
GUESTS: Mike Heiser, Sean Patrick Hazlett

Dr. Michael Heiser, scholar in biblical studies and the ancient Near East, shared his insights on the Book of Enoch. Followed by Sean Patrick Hazlett, an Army veteran and writer, who devled into alternative visions of World War III.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Kenny Aronoff, Open Lines

Legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff discussed his extraordinary career and how he became one of the most sought-after musicians in the music business today. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

HOST: Ian Punnett
GUESTS: Michael Christopher, Open Lines

Music journalist Michael Christopher discussed the life and legacy of legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Followed by Open Lines.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Mark Shaw, Jude Southerland Kessler

Author Mark Shaw discussed the suspicious death of Dorothy Kilgallen. Followed by historian Jude Southerland Kessler, on the history and success of the Beatles, and the life of John Lennon.


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