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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe will discuss the latest data from the SWARM satellites orbiting Earth and measuring the planet's magnetic field. She will also talk about a new book by Judy Bachrach, entitled Glimpsing Heaven, that focuses only on cases where the person was clinically dead before the shocking beat of life returned to the surprise of doctors as well as neurosurgeon Eben Alexander's latest book, Map of Heaven, which details his conviction that human consciousness does not die but persistently evolves by recycling in and out of matter containers at births and deaths.

last show recap

Former space science museum curator and former NASA consultant, Richard C. Hoagland, shared his analysis on the latest space news including how we have entered a "Second Age of Space" with the burgeoning private space industry. He also presented intriguing conclusions about comet 67-P, which is being tracked by the Rosetta Mission, as well as findings related to Pluto, and Mars.

First hour guest, environmental writer and college professor Kathryn Miles talked about Superstorm Sandy, weather forecasting technology, and meteorology issues.

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