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tonight's show
1am - 5am ET
10pm - 2am PT

First Half: Researcher and lecturer in the field of integrative oncology, and the founder of the Radical Remission Project, Dr. Kelly Turner will discuss cases of cancer patients who experienced remission in the absence of Western medicine, or after Western medicine failed.

2nd Half: Expert in mysteries of the unknown, Rob MacGregor, will discuss how events in the Bermuda Triangle resemble circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Flight 370, and a possible connection with electronic fog, inter-dimensional portals, and UFOs. Pilot and Bermuda Triangle researcher Bruce Gernon, who experienced electronic fog firsthand, joins the conversation.

last show recap

In the first half, tax change advocate Bill Spillane spoke on behalf of the 'FairTax' alternative-- a flat retail tax that would replace income and payroll taxes.

In the latter half, close friend to the late Dr. Roger Leir, UFO researcher Ron Garner, discussed the Varginha case, Brazil's Roswell, as well as his research into Area 51's subterranean levels, where microbiologist Dan Burisch allegedly worked with an ET being stationed there. UFO researcher Dr. J. J. Hurtak joined the conversation.

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