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In November 1989 Bob Lazar was interviewed by George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS to discuss his purported employment at "S4"—a facility he claimed existed near Area 51, where he reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology. Knapp welcomes Lazar 25 years later for an in-depth update on his life after that infamous interview while revealing even more secrets of his time at "S4." Gene Huff will also join the conversation.

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On the anniversary of JFK's assassination, host Richard Syrett welcomes several guests who will share their latest research on the topic. In the first half, radio host Brent Holland will share the insider knowledge he gleaned from trusted Kennedy advisor Ted Sorenson. Next, JFK researcher Adam Gorightly will discuss Kerry Thornley, who became friends with Lee Harvey Oswald when the two served together in the Marines. In the final hour, author James DiEugenio will talk about his work uncovering new information about who was behind the assassination.

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