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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, will have important news about the implications of John Burroughs's full V.A. medical coverage related to an injury caused by unidentified aerial phenomena in Rendlesham Forest in 1980. She'll also speak with Jaime Maussan of Mexico's Tercer Melenio TV about the 1947 Kodachrome color slides of purported non-human entities, and discuss whether blood and immune chemistry were altered in a human child by non-humans during an abduction.

First Hour: Pharmacist and nutritionist Benjamin Fuchs talks about dangers associated with the trendy party drug, Molly.

last show recap

Filmmaker, author and researcher, David Wilcock, discussed a variety of topics including ancient civilizations and ETs, the secret space program, Genesis & End Times, as well as spiritual information about soul growth, ascension, and the evolution of consciousness.

First hour guest, investigative journalist and retired police investigator who specialized in crash scene and forensic investigations, James Sanders, discussed the latest on missing flight MH-370, as well various theories about its disappearance, such as featured in the new book "Someone is Hiding Something."

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