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From the banks of a gold bearing river named Hell to a century-old last will and testament whose riddle led the Catholic Church and explorers to an uncharted area of Ecuador in a search for emeralds, researcher and author Lee Elders will discuss his hunt for this treasure that led him to the world of the Untsuri Shuara, the headhunters of the Western Amazon. Hosted by George Knapp.

First Hour: April 26 is supposed to be Paul Joseph Fronczak's birthday, but he really has no idea when he was actually born. Fronczak will update us on his puzzling life story after 50 years of not knowing who he is, or where he comes from. (Related Link)

last show recap

Guest host Dave Schrader (email) was joined for the entire show by author Joie Albrecht and supernatural survivor Debbie Moffitt for a discussion on the Moffitt family's frightening experiences with a malevolent entity that haunted and tormented them for six years, and even followed them outside their home.

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