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tonight's show
1am - 5am ET
10pm - 2am PT

First Half: William R. Forstchen, PhD, is a noted historian and public speaker on topics ranging from history to technology and cultural issues, to space technology development, to security threats. In addition to his expertise on EMP, he'll discuss his analysis of ISIS and detail the level of terror it could bring to the US heartland.

2nd Half: Adventurer, investigative researcher and writer Timothy Alberino talks about his work on genetic modification and the development of genetically enhanced super soldiers. He'll address the various programs under development by agencies like DARPA, and how the research will change the way wars are fought.

last show recap

The battle between good and evil, angels and demons, is very real according to modern religious demonologist Adam Blai. He joined Dave Schrader (email) for the full 4-hour show to discuss the spectrum of experiences from angelic encounters (first half of the show), to being face-to-face with demons (second half). Blai described angels as spiritual beings who were created before the physical world-- thus they do not represent spirits of the deceased.

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