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1am - 5am ET
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David Brin is a scientist, futurist and best-selling author as well as a leading commentator on modern trends. He'll discuss a wide range of topics including his work with NASA, managing resources on Earth in preparation for colonizing space, SETI, transhumanism, alien life forms, the state of science-fiction, and what we should be reading in order to prepare for the future ahead.

last show recap

During the middle two hours, futurist and researcher Stephan Schwartz talked about non-local consciousness and how a simple change in mindset can have a profound effect on the world around us.

In the first hour, space historian Robert Zimmerman shared his thoughts on NASA awarding contracts to both Boeing and Space X to develop craft to take astronauts to the ISS.

In the final hour, dream coach Kelly Sullivan Walden discussed dreams and nightmares.

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