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First Half: Longtime business and energy journalist, James R. Norman, will discuss how the US and its allies can use the price of oil as an economic weapon. He'll also share his analysis of what is happening in Ukraine, and why he believes gasoline prices are artificially inflated.

2nd Half: Struck by lightning, and survivor of seven near death experiences, June De Young, has been providing her psychic services to Hollywood and corporate leaders for over 30 years. She'll discuss her long term professional relationship with Robin Williams, and the factors she believes led him to his unfortunate demise.

last show recap

In the first half, technology and privacy expert Lauren Weinstein shared updates. He reported on controversies surrounding the topic of net neutrality (in which big ISPs like Comcast are paid by certain content providers such as Netflix to have faster speeds for consumers), and how the FCC has been flooded with comments about the issue.

Ralph Moss PhD, was the science writer and assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and for the past 35 years has independently evaluated the claims of conventional and non-conventional cancer treatments. In the latter half, he discussed how laetrile was studied at Sloan-Kettering as a cancer treatment, and initially yielded positive results.

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