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Man Fights Kangaroo to Save Dog

15 hours ago

An incredible video from Australia captures the moment when a man was forced to fight a kangaroo in order to save a dog's life.

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Emerging Artists 12/4/16

The 1st Sun. of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections.

Watch: Tasmanian Tiger Filmed by Game Camera?

Newly released game camera footage from Australian researchers may be the latest piece of potential evidence that the legendary Tasmanian Tiger still exists.

Mom Photographs Angelic Anomaly Near Her Son

An intriguing photograph from a mother in Washington D.C. appears to show an angelic entity hovering near her son.

Witch Conjures Bees to Recover Bike

A man in Kenya managed to recover his stolen motorbike by purportedly enlisting the help of a local witchdoctor and a swarm of bees!

Video: 5 Cases of Evil Forces Unleashed by Ouija Boards

As any seasoned paranormal investigator can attest, playing with a Ouija Board can be a dangerous gamble since the device has a seemingly well-earned reputation for opening a door to demonic entities.

Religious Statues Survive TN Fire

Dec 2, 2016

Amidst the incredible destruction wrought by the wildlife which devastated parts of Tennessee, area residents received a series of hopeful messages via several religious statues that survived the disaster.

L.A. Marzulli's Fairy Creature

Dec 1, 2016

In tandem with his appearance on the 11/30/16 show, L.A. Marzulli shared an image of a strange, fairylike creature.

Strange Blobs Appear on CA Beach

Residents of Huntington Beach, California were baffled after thousands of mysterious gelatinous creatures washed ashore earlier this week.

Trolls Fake Turkish UFO Flap

An alleged series of fantastic UFO sightings in Turkey that spawned a brief frenzy online and breathless headlines in the media has turned out to be a rather clever hoax.

Watch: Creepy Sounds Recorded in Abandoned Mine

Dec 1, 2016

A man with the unusual hobby of exploring and documenting abandoned mines claims to have recently captured some incredibly creepy sounds during one expedition.

Video: Australian Boy's Explosive Wish Gets Granted

Dec 1, 2016

An Australian boy battling leukemia experienced the dream of youngsters everywhere when a charity organization teamed up with police and made his wish to 'blow stuff up' come true.

Video: Police Trailcams Get Pranked

Nov 30, 2016

A pair of trailcams deployed by police in Gardner, Kansas revealed an array of surprising 'wildlife' in their local park via some incredibly creative pranksters.

Rover Aims to Inspect Apollo Buggy

An ambitious plan to send a rover to inspect the Apollo 17 lunar buggy may dispel the infamous Moon Hoax Theory once and for all.

5 Incredible Suppressed Inventions

One might think, looking around at the world today, that we are living in somewhat of a technological utopia, but there are said to be some inventions that would have transformed society were it not for the 'powers that be.'

'Isis' Name Haunts UK Hair Salon

Nov 30, 2016

A hair salon in the UK with the unfortunate name of 'Isis' has decided to throw in the towel and change the title of their business following a purported threat by the terror group.

Video: Ancient City Found on Mars?

Anomaly hunters studying images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter believe they have found the remnants of an ancient city on the Red Planet.

Watch: Strange 'Spa Theme Park' Planned for Japan

Nov 29, 2016

Having learning nothing from the frozen fish fiasco of the past few days, a city in Japan has announced plans to build a bizarre new theme park centered around hot tubs.

Chinese Astronaut Recalls 'Mystery Knock'

In an interview with China's first astronaut, the pioneering explorer revealed a remarkable experience he had during his historic trip to space.

Do You Want This 'Haunted' Doll?

An unsettling and allegedly haunted doll is apparently being given away for free on Craiglist by someone in the Orlando area.

Ghost Appears in Family Photo?

A family visiting a famous 16th century castle in Scotland may have inadvertently photographed a notorious ghost said to reside at the location.

Mystery Object is Not Missing Nuke

A search by the Royal Canadian Navy has determined that an anomalous object discovered by a diver off the coast of British Columbia earlier this month is not an infamous atomic bomb which went missing in 1950.

Frozen Fish Cause Furor in Japan

Nov 28, 2016

An amusement park in Japan had to shut down its highly touted new ice skating rink after a public outcry over thousands of fish that had been frozen into the attraction.

Video: Ornery Hippo Charges Truck

A chance encounter with a wandering hippopotamus went from wondrous to worrisome for one South African man when the creature turned and barreled into his truck!

Knapp's News 11/27/16

Nov 27, 2016

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Watch: Domino's Developing 'Delivery Reindeer' in Japan

Taking a page from Santa Claus himself, Domino's Pizza in Japan is attempting to develop a delivery system using reindeer!

Rare Black Fox Photographed in UK

Sightings of a remarkable black fox on the island of Portland in the UK were proven to be true after a witness photographed the creature, but it's not quite the cryptid you might think.

Video: 5 of the Worst Black Fridays

Nov 25, 2016

Frenzied Black Friday shopping has become as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and pumpkin pie, but in some unfortunate instances the quest for a great deal has proven to be deadly.

Cache of D.B. Cooper Files Released

Nov 25, 2016

A wealth of FBI documents pertaining to the infamous skyjacker D.B. Cooper have been made available online in the hopes that they will help solve the mystery.

Video: Thanksgiving Aboard the ISS

As Americans around the country celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family, the astronauts at the International Space Station will also feasting on a festive holiday meal.

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