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Alex Jones: Martial Law

In his upcoming documentary, Martial Law - 9/11: Rise of the Police State, filmmaker Alex Jones (pictured left, interviewing Clinton advisor David Gergen) argues that terrorism is being used by governments across the world as a pretext to scare their populations into submission. Click here to view a clip.

William Birnes Chat Excerpts

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's live chat was author and publisher William J. Birnes (pictured), the publisher of UFO magazine and the co-author with Col. Philip Corso of The Day After Roswell.Birnes also recently launched the Filament Book Club and is co-authoring books with George Noory. Below are some excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.touleMr. Birnes, did Col. Corso work with more than 1 kind of alien space craft? William Birnes Yes, he worked on the time machine he saw in the NM desert as well as the one from either Corona or San Augustin.touleA time machine!! Where did that come from....and when? William Birnes In 1957, Corso was told that a strange craft was downrange on the Red Canyon missile site. He flew over it, then drove to it. In the scorching desert heat, it was cold. Then it simply vanished. Hermann Oberth told him that it was an alien time machine. FrostyOther than your great book

Melting Glaciers

Many climate scientists believe the melting of glaciers worldwide is a sign the planet has entered the first phase of global warming.

Chupacabras Gallery

Scott Corrales has provided us with a set of images related to the chupacabra and other mysteries. Click here to view.

The Monkey's Paw

Curious about the George Noory Presents After Dark double CD? We've made available an excerpt from his reading of the story The Monkey's Paw, which is one of the featured tracks. Listen Win | RealBuy Online/Order by Mail

Haunted Clown Painting

John Zaffis runs the Museum of the Paranormal in Stratford, Connecticut. Among his collection, is this clown painting.

The Tall Whites

Pictured is a drawing made by Teresa Barbatelli depicting the 'Tall White Extraterrestrials' that Charles Hall said he encountered. On the right is a forensic drawing of a 'Tall White' alien by Lynette Ruiz, a Forensic composite artist.

Looking at HAARP

The official purpose of Project HAARP (website/webcam), which is based in Alaska, is said to be for studying the ionosphere in order to "understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes." Yet, over the years allegations have arisen that HAARP is involved in everything from weather modification to mind control.Guy Cramer has a new article posted which concludes that in addition to HAARP, there is another huge ionospheric array in Alaska. The page also contains photos, maps, and recommended links from Cramer and Dr. Joseph Resnick.

Mars & Titan Images

Scientist Sir Charles Shults referenced some of the following photos/pages during Saturday's program: - Titan & Mars Similarities - Mars' Mysterious "Moat" Rocks - Spirit's Perfect Crinoid Fossil - Near-Perfect Color Calibration - New Sea Biscuit Fossils - Geyser Field at Endurance Crater

La Palma Simulation

Many experts believe an eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma could cause a massive landslide, triggering a "mega-tsunami." The giant tidal wave would measure over 150 feet tall, travel at 500 mph, and smash into North and South America with destructive force. The U.S. would have only 6 to 12 hours to evacuate the tens of millions of people living along the eastern shoreline.Watch the simulation:Win | RealCredit: Dr. Steven N. Ward, U.C. Santa Cruz

Tolces Media

Pictured (click for larger) is a diagram from Roger Tolces' website section on Electronic Harassment, which shows how a microwave oven has been converted into a weapon. He has also set up special pages on Mind Control and Howard Hughes.

'Angel Light' Invention

2nd half-hour guest, inventor Troy Hurtubise shared details about the 'Angel Light', a device he built that allegedly sees through walls. The 14 ft. long machine, which he said he constructed using "black market" parts, runs on various properties of light and electromagnetism and uses plasma chambers and inert gases, he detailed. In addition to making solid walls appear transparent, Angel Light can render anything electronic inoperable, including a plane flying at a high altitude, Hurtubise said. The device also has a negative "Hyde effect," he added, which causes those who come in contact with machine when it's running to become ill.

Northern Auroras

Conditions related to giant sunspot 720 and its coronal mass ejections have made the sightings of bright auroras likely tonight in Canada and Alaska. The photo on the left was taken on Jan. 18th by Bjorn Jorgensen in Norway. See more recent images at's Aurora Gallery.

A Man of Influence

This engraving (click for larger) is from Tornè-Chavigny's book, Influence de Nostradamus. The image was reprinted in The Nostradamus Encyclopedia.

The Angel Light

A new invention called the Angel Light (pictured in photo by Bill Tremblay) is reportedly able to see through walls, as well as detect stealth technology. Troy Hurtubise, an inventor based in Ontario, Canada, said that the concept came to him in a recurring dream. Once he built the device, he discovered he was able to see into the garage behind his lab wall and read the license plate on his wife's car. MIT has worked with Hurtubise on developing the technology and the French government has expressed interest in it as well. Read more in this article from

Sounds from Titan

Audio data from Huygens has been retrieved as the probe made its descent into Titan. Track One combines several sound samples to portray what a passenger might have heard aboard the craft. Track Two features an audio conversion of radar echoes that may give clues about the nature of Titan's surface. For more, visit ESA's site.

Scala Dei

Digital artist Dana Augustine (email) has created the illustration titled Scala Dei (Stairway to Heaven) to accompany William Henry's appearance this evening. (Click here to view larger)

Human Life Expectancy

In his book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, author Ray Kurzweil imagines a (near) future where increases in the computing capacity of machines lead to remarkable breakthroughs in medical science and life expectancy.Kurzweil theorizes by 2019, computerized monitors built into our clothes and jewelry will have the ability to diagnose health problems and provide recommendations for treatment. The expected human life span will likely exceed one hundred years, he suggests.By 2029, Kurzweil thinks advances in our understanding of DNA information-processing will make many diseases and age-related maladies preventable. He expects that artificial nanoengineered bionic organs will replace failing human body parts, and our life span will rise to around 120 years.Kurzweil believes by the year 2099, there will be no clear distinction between humans and computers, and "life expectancy [will] no longer [be] a viable term in relation to intelligent beings."

Huygens Probe Photos

ESA's Huygens probe sent back images Friday afternoon, giving the world their first look at the icy surface of Saturn's mysterious moon Titan. The photo to the left (click for larger image) was taken from a height of 10 miles and reveals what appear to be "drainage channels" and a "shoreline." Click the links below to view more images:Titan Photo 1Titan Photo 2Titan Photo 3Visit ESA's Huygens site for the latest news.Credit: ESA / NASA / Univ. of Arizona


William Thomas raised a variety of issues concerning the possible health hazards of cell phones. Sir William Stewart, a leading scientist in the U.K., recently urged parents to stop their children from using mobile phones, until more is known about their safety. It's thought that children might be more vulnerable to fields given off by such phones because of their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems. Read more in this article from Times Online.

William Henry Images

William Henry has provided us with a page of images related to his presentation tonight.

The Flight 191 Crash: Precognitions & Hauntings

One of the worst air disasters in American history occurred in May 1979 at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, when an American Airlines DC-10 jet experienced engine problems just as it was lifting off the ground. The plane flipped over and exploded on the runway, killing all 271 of its passengers. As reportedly featured in an Associated Press story, David Booth had phoned-in a disturbing dream to the FAA three days before the crash. He had correctly named both the airline and the plane, and the type of crash. "There was never any doubt to me that something was going to happen…It was like I was standing there watching the whole thing—like watching television," said Booth. Equally uncanny are the reports of hauntings and strange phenomena that occurred in the vicinity of the crash site. Des Plaines police officers initially began receiving reports of "odd bobbing white lights in the field where the aircraft went down," wrote Troy Taylor in the article Lingering Spirits of Flight

RV Timetable

Tonight's guest Paul H. Smith shares with us his chronology of events in the history of Remote Viewing. Click here to view the timetable which runs from 1971 through 2004.

EVP in the Spotlight

The film White Noise, which opened this weekend, has gotten somewhat of a critical drubbing. It is, however, bringing a lot of media attention to Electronic Voice Phenomena, which most Coast listeners are quite familiar with from years of spooky moments provided by the G.I.S. TV station WOAI in San Antonio recently broadcast a report featuring Guillermo Fuentes, a local paranormal investigator (his microphone is pictured left), who shared some of his EVPs with them. View the video.--L.L.

In the Beginning...

Our understanding of the universe may be completely transformed when the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is launched in 2011. It's five year mission: to detect gravitational waves generated by black holes, stars, and neutron stars that orbit each other (binaries). LISA will travel an Earth's orbit away from the Sun, but follow behind our planet by 30 million miles. It will consist of three freely flying spacecraft 'connected' to one another by laser beams, forming a gigantic triangle of light about three million miles on each side. When a gravity wave hits the triangle, distortions in the laser light will be picked up by the antenna's instruments.The observatory will be able to detect and measure gravitational waves that have been around since the birth of the universe, and perhaps answer one of mankind's greatest mysteries: how did the universe begin? Read more at JPL's LISA site.Graphic: JPL

The Time Traveler

Albert Einstein theorized that time flowed at different rates. According to him, the faster one traveled, the slower time flowed. Einstein called this phenomenon time dilation, and invented the "Twin Paradox" to explain its effects. Click the above graphic or here to see an interactive example (requires Shockwave Player) of the "Twin Paradox."INSTRUCTIONS:Click people (green) to set ageClick ship to set velocityClick on a star to launch shipAfter the ship returns, note the astronaut's age compared to the age of the person who stayed on Earth. Adjust the options and relaunch to see how things change.Credit: ?! Productions

Paper or Plastic?

It's official. Britain has become a "cashless society." For the first time ever spending on credit and debit cards has overtaken the use of notes and coins. According to the Association for Payment Clearing Services, the transition from paper to plastic occurred at 10:38 AM on December 29, 2004. Experts believe the shift towards using plastic has been driven by the convenience and security of card transactions. Currently, there are over 130 million plastic cards in use in Britain - with debit cards accounting for 65% of card spending. Read more at

Scanning Tut

The 3,300-year-old mummy of King Tutankhamun was prepared for CT scanning Wednesday. Scientists hope the three-dimensional images produced by the scan will help them learn about King Tut's royal lineage, his actual age, now estimated at 17, and how he died. The photo to the left shows Dr. Zahi Hawass (center) checking Tut's mummy in the tomb at Luxor as it is prepared for the CT scan. Read more at National Geographic.Photo: Associated Press

Dead Animal Art

A group of artists calling themselves the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists (M.A.R.T.) were recently featured in an article by Joel Topcik in The New York Times. According to the article, the group is "dedicated to exploring the artistic possibilities of stuffing and mounting animal remains." The above photo shows M.A.R.T. co-founder Sarina Brewer's "Goth Griffin," which she constructed from a feral farm cat and a crow, both roadkill. For more weird dead animal creations, head over to the M.A.R.T. Image Galleries.Photo: Sarina Brewer

Tsunami Prediction?

Princeton's Global Consciousness Project uses random number generators (called "eggs") to measure "global consciousness." View the the latest graphs here to see how their "egg" network was affected by the tsunami.

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